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How do indian women fare in the marriage market compared to other ethnicities?
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RE: How do indian women fare in the marriage market compared to other ethnicities?
OP I respect your decision on choosing a mate instead of an arranged marriage. Having grown up with parents of an arraigned marriage I have seen what a facade it really is. Most non-Indian people arguing for arranged marriage have never grown up seeing their parents get into screaming matches over the little of things everyday. Yes divorce rates are low but that is because of divorce is culturally frowned upon and every member of the family is basically disowned by the whole community when a divorce occurs.

By choosing who you want at least at the end of the day you can say you chose her and not constantly resent your own parents or your in-laws for putting you into this relationship. And it will allow you to screen someone you have some shared interests. A 1 hour conversation will never gauge how will you will mesh with someone for the rest of your life.

Now onto how Indian women (you want ones who were raised here) fare against other ethnicity, well the odds are in their favor. Female abortions are very popular in Indian communities in the West and there is surplus of men than women. So your competition will be harder.

Now onto how traditional they will be. Most Indian communities don't assimilate well. Sure on the outside they may appear to have assimilated but deep down a huge majority still follow their silly customs and religions. She might not be as good cook as one back home but I guarantee she will be with you in those massive 5 family households and follow all traditional roles she is supposed to do.

Also your wife will be ostracized if she dares to divorce you. She will be scared of leaving you because of fear of being disowned by Indian community. Most grow up with a network of relatives and community members for their whole lives and never once have had to be on their own. So they are fearful of losing these connections and facing change.
09-08-2019 12:24 AM
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