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Tinder turns 5, and dating circles the drain....
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RE: Tinder turns 5, and dating circles the drain....
(09-19-2019 06:50 AM)Days of Broken Arrows Wrote:  
(09-17-2019 05:54 PM)Mikeyd03 Wrote:  Met the girl who redpilled me off tinder.

Lasted about 6 months, but I caught feelings quick. Long story short chick was an alcoholic. Lost her car from a dui...dumped me the week she got it back. Being a genuine, bluepilled guy I couldn't put two and two together. Lesson learned.

This is the type of woman you find on tinder. Low quality.

On top of that you risk your self esteem. You can be in shape, educated, and even have a decent matter.

The top tier guys in a 150 mile radius are on tap for the 5-7's to get pumped and dumped. Online dating is largely a waste of time for the average man...a net loss.
Sad, but true.

This is an unfortunate story. But you should know these women existed before Tinder. Heck, they existed before you were born. At least with Tinder they're now all corralled into one sleazy corner. Back when I was young, you didn't know what you were getting in the real world.

Example (which is a story I told on here before). In college I dated a "townie" a few years younger. She was nice enough, not stupid, and I took to her because she was salt-of-the-earth-ish. She seemed a little sleazy, but I was tired of preppie college girls so I kind of liked that. Little did I know.

One night she phoned me, telling me she'd spent part of the weekend in a motel with her best friend and two "gangstas" (this is the Baltimore area, so you know that word is bad news). Her best friend bet her she didn't have nerve to have sex with both "gangstas" at the same time. So she had a threesome as her friend looked on.

She told me this after we'd gone out on about three dates. Needless to say, there was no fourth date. When I tried to press her for some insight into this whole encounter, all she could offer was "It was a bet."

I'm guessing this beats most Tinder horror stories. The difference is, I was shocked. I'd have been less blindsided had I found her on Tinder because of the low expectations I'd have gone in with.

Ah yes, "Townies" brings back memories. Nice girls for sure, but with a hidden deviance that doesn't reveal itself till later. I had a ONS with a Townie back when I was in college. Cute girl and though i tried pursuing things further, she wanted no part of that. What was funny about your story that reminded me of my stint is that this townie ALSO had a threesome with 2 jamals(she was white ofc).... I only found this out because I still had her on snapchat and i guess drunkenly, she uploaded a video of her and the two thugs with liquor all over some sleezy looking place. needless to say, she removed the video first thing in the morning, but everyone who saw that already knew the deal.

She's now married to some other local schmuck and they have a kid together. Crazy how these girls try to live out their degeneracy first before settling down, but at least this one was smart enough to get married and knocked up in her early 20s.
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09-19-2019 08:45 AM
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