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When people say being a nice guy is bad, what do they mean?
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RE: When people say being a nice guy is bad, what do they mean?
I think the term nice guy (as a negative) is very misleading. It gives the impression that you shouldn't be a nice or good person.

A nice guy, in the negative sense, is one that makes his niceness his thing, someone who wears their niceness on their sleeve. When interacting with females, it's all about how nice he is. It's good to be a nice person, but when the interaction revolves around your niceness, you become a weird nicey nice guy and it's offputting because niceness is more effective when it's accompanied by other characteristics, including negative ones. If you're always nice it comes off as fake. Not to mention that females like to see negative characteristics from time to time.

When nice guys say "but I'm a nice guy, not like those assholes" they're right. The assholes are assholes, and the nice guy really is nice. The problem is, the nice guy is nothing but nice. It's like 10 sugars in your coffee.

I mean look at my warning level. It's 60%. You think it's the first time I've been in trouble? You think I haven't been suspended for a week more than once? I'm the bad boy of the forum and that's why I get so much of my surname.

That's not how we do things in Russia, comrade.

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