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When people say being a nice guy is bad, what do they mean?
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RE: When people say being a nice guy is bad, what do they mean?
(10-22-2019 01:32 AM)The Catalyst Wrote:  I think they are trying to rationalise why they don't want to be nice. But who knows. Maybe Anglo girls are just that feral.

In my experience I almost always could've done better being nicer and done worse being less nice.

IIRC, Krauser and Steve Jabba both agree being nice is good/effective.

Krauser advocates for being nice? Are you kidding me? That's not at all what he advocates.

(10-24-2019 04:44 PM)Batman_ Wrote:  
(10-21-2019 07:16 PM)Repo Wrote:  It means your personality is so dull and boring that the only good thing people can think to say about you is that your "nice". Not you specifically, but you get the gist.

Think in reverse. If you were talking about a girl and called her a "nice girl", instead of referencing an actual good trait like being good looking, or being funny etc, then it wouldnt really be a compliment. "Nice" is one of the least positive things you can say about a person.

Alternatively, it can also mean you are a pushover/doormat and "psuedo" nice, only pretending to be caring; self-sacrificing with an ulterior motive - hoping that you can exchange favors for intimacy.

Both of the above are true.

When women say they want a nice guy, they mean that they want a guy who is:

* Bold/determined
* Charismatic/Outgoing
* Teasing/Fun
* Strong/Fit
* Driven towards his own goals, he doesn't put others before him, sometimes this comes off as asshole-ish
* Successful or on his way to being successful.
* Willing to say no, effortlessly.
* ETC...

And then after all of those things, if he can treat her nicely every once in a while or do something sweet out of the blue. THEN that's the nice part she wants. She doesn't want you to be a complete brute, but she does not want anything CLOSE to a doormat/supplicating guy.

Even the most mild-mannered/goody two shoes girl doesn't want a guy that she can describe mainly as "nice."

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