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When people say being a nice guy is bad, what do they mean?
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RE: When people say being a nice guy is bad, what do they mean?
The average women's ideal mate is combination of both.

They DO want the nice guy who listens to what they say and is attentive etc etc

The problem is most self described nice guys are orbitors.

They're too afraid to directly ask the girl out. Which subconsciously women take as a show of weakness. Which it is.

Secondly when they do muster the courage to ask the girl out, if ever, they put the girl on a pedestal. They don't push/pull, they don't tease, they're scared to sexualise the conversation, they don't make the girl FEEL anything. The interactions that they are supposed to be LEADING are timid, shy, dull and one dimensional.

How does the average nice guy treat his friends ? He teases them, he laughs and jokes with them, if they disrespect him he calls them out on it.

Put that same nice guy on a date with an attractive women and he's completely different. He becomes self consious, scared of saying something that will get taken the wrong way, fails shit tests left right and center. Treats her like a princess by validating her appearance " you look so beautiful " etc etc etc

Believe it or not, some of them are even scared to go for the kiss !!

I know because I used to be one of those guys.

Subconsciously the women realises, if your treating me like a princess that must mean you think I'm above you.

Women want to be with someone they see as equal value or higher.

"Women don't like nice guys" is wrong.

They do like nice guys, most natural alphas are nice guys.

The difference is the alphas communicate to the women, through conversation, body language and actions, that they see themselves as higher or equal value than them.

An alpha on that same date isn't going to be fixated on a women's apperence. He's used to being around attractive women that's a non factor. He's going to be comfortable enough to sexualise the conversation, or tease her about something. Because if she doesn't like it so what ? He has abundance mentality, the next one is around the corner.

The niceness isn't the differeciating factor. Women want nice guys.

Very few woman want someone who doesn't make them laugh, has no humour, takes themselves too seriously, who straight up disrespects them verbally or generally is a nasty person.

So be a nice guy, just don't be a "nice guy".
11-12-2019 07:52 AM
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