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I want nothing to do with swedish women in terms of relationships
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RE: I want nothing to do with swedish women in terms of relationships
(11-04-2019 02:32 PM)Deepdiver Wrote:  Possible solutions for the OP - look up chateau heartiste and roissy iirc and other Married Red Pill Men for Marriage Game and/or Dread Game and basically understand that game does not end when you decide to find a wife and or baby momma... it just changes a bit. In my case, I have never been divorce raped because of my 5 Roman Tests prior to marriage. Can she pass the basic ancient Roman tests for a loyal wife considering Romans traveled by sea and land and Roman legions could be gone for years and who wanted to come home to a wife with 3 or 4 more kids (By other men) than when they left on their missions to expand the Roman empire.

The five basic tests are Love, Honor, Respect, Loyalty, and Fidelity. Each a building block upon the previous.

Assuming Sweden is irredeemable and its SJW condition is too far gone what are some possible solutions to finding a suitable Mate/Wife/Mother material who are not halfway around the world... Look at the Baltics, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania - close to Russia and former FSU countries only one Generation past, still very concerned that the Russian Bear could overrun eastern EU if provoked and have women that still expect their men to be men and that they are expected to be women in a relationship. Though they also have high divorce rates - race mixing is still frowned upon in the FSU countries. Though AWALT - the Baltics do offer women with a more focused experience with the cold hard reality of life.

When I did business in Moscow they were all surprised that America could ever vote for a black (Obama). Russia and the FSU are still far from SJW liberals.

Lastly, I personally prefer teachers and nurses as the best prospective wives and mothers, these are nurturing roles that will not let their own kids slack off and nurses are acutely aware of the 28 plus Veneral Diseases they have to treat among their promiscuous male and female patients and the health consequences of each disease. They are more risk averse in that they do not want to suffer from these preventable diseases. Of course, that means they are likely looking for men who are not promiscuous as well for marriage partners.


The average age of a woman's first kid is 27 years in Latvia and Lithuania, compared to 29 years in Sweden and 30 years in Portugal

The birth rate in FSU is also low, because they don't have immigrants raising the birth rate.

Western Europe and USA will get destroyed by the mass invasion of foreigners, while Eastern Europe will fade away because of low birth rates. For instance Bulgaria's population shrinks fast:
11-04-2019 02:46 PM
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