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I want nothing to do with swedish women in terms of relationships
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RE: I want nothing to do with swedish women in terms of relationships
(11-04-2019 05:33 PM)Oscar Henri Wrote:  
(11-04-2019 05:27 PM)Realbor Wrote:  
(11-04-2019 05:20 PM)Oscar Henri Wrote:  
(11-04-2019 05:18 PM)Realbor Wrote:  
(11-03-2019 11:04 PM)zamfir112 Wrote:  Trash country . Sad as it was a pussy paradise in the 60s and 70s.
Its now a Immigrant dump hole. I have tons of experience with swedish girls. They have zero loyalty.nobody marries these girls and is happy..the men are too beta dont know how to controll them.the state protects the girls too much. Femenism and political correctness is over the top. America but 10x worse basically.

This 100%, Im happy more and more men start to realise how FUCKED OUR COUNTRY is, its insanity here, utter insanity the cucking, mass immigration, feminism and #metoo shit going on, ive never ever seen anything like this.

200 bombs this year alone, TWO HUNDRED BOMBS, people are getting raped and murdered everywhere by the migrants.

Its fucking over

Yes, Sweden is called the RAPE capital of Europe. Swedish women are raped by horny unattractive men from inferior cultures. That's why we should defend our women.

You contradict yourself. You say they get raped but you also say they make up rapes.


How the hell is that a contradiction? Women get RAPED Here, but they ALSO make up rape-cases, often agains white men, where the fuck is the contradiction you damn cuckold?

"Defend our women" ? Are you fucking kidding me? Do you realise young swedish women vote HARDCORE for continued mass immigration? They love it, absolutely love it, why? Because white men have given them power and now they disrespect us because of it.

You sure as hell is a large ass cuck arent ya?

Shut up, incel. I am Swedish and so is my sister, and when she moved to Gothenburg a few years ago she wanted to know which parts had many immigrants because she don't wanna live in an immigrant ghetto she said.

Call my sister a slut and I will smash your teeth.

Fucking lol @ this cuckold getting mad. Bash my teeth, come do it, your sister is slut, just as 95% of all other swedish women.

Autistic fucking creep tard
11-04-2019 05:41 PM
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