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I want nothing to do with swedish women in terms of relationships
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RE: I want nothing to do with swedish women in terms of relationships
(12-24-2019 08:34 PM)No More Mr. Soy Boy Wrote:  
(12-24-2019 07:15 AM)Ghost93 Wrote:  I do have experience.
I've worked as a holiday entertainer for five years when I was younger in Italy, Spain and Greece and the "east european girls are better for marriage" is such bullshit.
When I worked in Fuerteventura (Spain) me and my buddies had agreements on how to split girls from specific countries.
Wanna know what were those countries? It wasn't Sweden, wasn't the UK, wasn't Denmark or was Russia, Poland and Ukraine.
Unfortunately, there weren't many ukrainian girls so we mainly splitted girls from Poland and Russia.
We didn't choose those countries casually....they were those were the girls were the easiest to bang. Yes, much easier than the scandinavian countries.
And we banged lots of them, some even had their boyfriend with them in the same hotel. That's how high their moral values are.
So please stop praising those girls....they aren't marriage material and not better than Western girls. They are just easier and that's why many people go there instead of going in their sex vacations in Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, Netherland or Italy.

Russian/Ukrainian girls are also very gold diggerish and relationships with them are very transactional. I have no idea how that is a good thing. For me it's extremely bad.
And you are very deluded if you think those girls had less sexual partners than western girls. If they are that "serious" you wouldn't have a whole continent going there for easy bangs. They just have lower standards and their materialism make every man able to get them if he has some money.

EE girls usually are only worth for short term get easy sex and then you move on. Unless you want a trophy wife that consider you a walking ATM and spend all your money in stupid, expensive, useless things.

In Western Europe there are still many girls who have good values, and if they want to have their own career that's not a bad trait. For me it's pretty means the girl is smart, educated and want to earn her own money and not just spending yours.

In the past I had some very good relationships with italian, french and norwegian girls and I'd take everyday for a long term relationship that a hot but dumb and materialistic EE girl

Seems like your only perception of this topic is based on your experience in Fueraventura. It hasn't given you the best view of what reality actually looks like. I've met Eastern European women in their 20's who wouldn't even be allowed by their parents to travel there.

But if you had actually lived in Stockholm or any other major city in Sweden compared to Eastern Europe, I bet you'll too see there's a big difference. Even though I would agree that most women in Eastern Europe are not even close to marriage material, but the ones that are in Europe, will to a large degree in EE and certainly not in feminazi regimes like Sweden.

But hey, whatever floats your boat man. If you think you got a bigger chance in Stockholm than in, say, Ostrava, go for it.

I wish it was just in Fuerteventura, I traveled in East Europe quite extensively in the past and a couple years ago I was in the "honeymoon phase" with russian/ukrainian girls.
Took me a while to realize those girls were pretty bad, initially I was blinded by their beauty which I admit is really high.
But eventually I got tired of their personality and attitude, relationships with them feel empty and boring. And I also don't like relationships where there is a hidden transactional feeling to it, or where the mood of the girl is based on what you can buy for her.
Russian/Ukrainian girls are the most materialistic girls I've ever met and I'm really put off by that and they are definitely not conservative about their sexual's just a myth.

Now, I'm not saying that Western Europe is full of good girls. Quite the opposite. But you can definitely meet a girl worth of a relationship there. You just can't meet her from Tinder, Bumble or bars/clubs. Gotta use your social circle, that's how I met the good french/italian/norwegian girl I was in a relationship in the past.

Here in France for example there are a lot of nice girls around (especially outside Paris), really sweet and feminine but in the right way. For me feminine doesn't mean short skirt and high's in how a girl behaves. They may be dressed in Zara and H&M but they have some charm and their disposition is nice. They also aren't really materialistic (they are quite stingy tbh) but I like that. It means they like you for who you are instead of for your money. And yes I also appreciate the fact they are ambitious educated, smart and want to have a career, for me that's means they don't want to leech of you.
They aren't as hot as the EE girls but for a LTR I much prefer them. For ONS and short relationships yeah I do value beauty over anything else so EE girls do have a place.

I've never been to Sweden, but one of my ex girlfriend was norwegian and she was pretty nice....don't think there is much difference between Norway and Sweden
I think the West isn't as gloomy as some of you make it out to be and the East isn't a the end it's a matter of taste
12-26-2019 12:45 AM
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