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I want nothing to do with swedish women in terms of relationships
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RE: I want nothing to do with swedish women in terms of relationships
(12-26-2019 12:45 AM)Ghost93 Wrote:  I wish it was just in Fuerteventura, I traveled in East Europe quite extensively in the past and a couple years ago I was in the "honeymoon phase" with russian/ukrainian girls.
Took me a while to realize those girls were pretty bad, initially I was blinded by their beauty which I admit is really high.
But eventually I got tired of their personality and attitude, relationships with them feel empty and boring. And I also don't like relationships where there is a hidden transactional feeling to it, or where the mood of the girl is based on what you can buy for her.
Russian/Ukrainian girls are the most materialistic girls I've ever met and I'm really put off by that and they are definitely not conservative about their sexual's just a myth.

Now, I'm not saying that Western Europe is full of good girls. Quite the opposite. But you can definitely meet a girl worth of a relationship there. You just can't meet her from Tinder, Bumble or bars/clubs. Gotta use your social circle, that's how I met the good french/italian/norwegian girl I was in a relationship in the past.

The "honeymoon phase." That's exactly right, that's what happens to western guys when they first arrive in EE and are blown away with the beauty of the women and their superficially traditional nature. I remember bitterly defending Russian and Ukrainian women against all criticism when I had been over there for a year or so. Then I married one of them and took her back to the US, and now here I am agreeing with you. Not just based on my experience, but from what I've seen of other American and Canadian guys who've married women from the FSU. The thing is that it would be almost impossible for most guys to see without experiencing it themselves so I get why guys who are still in that "honeymoon phase" think EE women are marriage material.

Feminism in ten words: "Stop objectifying women! Can't you see I've hit the wall?" -Leonard D Neubache
12-26-2019 08:22 AM
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