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Working in the Canadian oil sands: 6 figures in 6 months!
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RE: Working in the Canadian oil sands: 6 figures in 6 months!
(01-23-2012 04:25 PM)Alfonzo Wrote:  Hey Scotian I have some question for you .
The first one is if I have read well some one like me with no experience in the oil industry
can work over there and have a really decent salary ?

The second one, a french guy like me who is bilangual but still have an accent , do you think
I will have difficulties to adapt ?

The third one is about the taxes , I read you work there there and had a condo in Vancouver .
How the taxes work for you ? I guess you pay your main taxe to B.C and the federal taxe but do you give a % to Alberta too ?

Hey Alfonzo, you can indeed find a decent job out west with no experience, you can apply to those companies I posted above (Clean Harbors and CEDA) and they will probably hire you. I would suggest doing some safety courses before you go out (unless of course the company offers to), it makes your CV more attractive to employer, the 2 essential ones are called "H2S Alive" (its a one day 8 hours sour gas safety course) and CSTS (Construction Safety Training System) I think you can do that one on-line through You may also want to take First-Aid CPR training.

And thats pretty much it, you need those courses and you have to piss in a cup (theres ways around passing those tests too) and you can begin working in the oil sands.

As long as you can get up at 5am everyday and go to work for 12 hours (sometimes more) you can make decent money. If you're ambitious and work hard you can advance in the company or, do what I do and jump ship whenever a better gig comes up, I've had 4 employers in the past 3 years and my earning keep going up!

This spring is THE LARGEST SHUT DOWN SEASON ever in Alberta, this is a really big deal for guys like me in the industry, I know that when I go back home in April, I"ll have a solid 3 months of crazy work, then 2 months off to do whatever in the summer (Montreal?), then another 3 months of crazy work again in the fall then maybe Asia?

Alfonzo, look into the company DCM, they're Quebec based and I've worked for them at CNRL ( I can tell by your writing that you speak English well enough to work out there, trust me I've worked with many guys out of Quebec here. You'll catch some slack from the red necks for being from Quebec, remember, this isn't a politically correct office environment, you'll be working along a lot of riff-raff, guys like me lol! Also, remember that at your first gig, you're low man on the totem pole, you'll be getting shit on a lot and you'll probably have to do some shitty jobs, but thats life!

If anyone in Canada is underemployed or is thinking about trying it out in the oil sands, this spring 2012 is THE BEST time to get out there and make some good coin. The shut downs are temporary but can definitely lead to full time gigs, or if you want to fuck off and travel like me between shut downs, that always a possibility!

And, I don't live in BC, I've been an Alberta resident for the past 4 years, my condo is in Edmonton. You can get a fake address in Alberta, if you're looking to avoid paying Quebec taxes ( I wouldn't blame you!)
01-23-2012 10:15 PM
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