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Working in the Canadian oil sands: 6 figures in 6 months!
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RE: Working in the Canadian oil sands: 6 figures in 6 months!
(01-29-2012 10:32 PM)scotian Wrote:  
(01-29-2012 05:33 PM)Amsterdao! Wrote:  
(01-29-2012 12:10 PM)scotian Wrote:  
(01-29-2012 11:06 AM)Amsterdao! Wrote:  Scotian,

I already gave you +1 for all this golden information....thanks a lot! What do you know about truck driver jobs and salaries? I have already 3-4 years driving experience in heavy traffic.


Lots of work for truck drivers, most contracting companies employ some sort of trucks, whether its driving a vac truck for a company like CEDA or Clean Harbors or working directly for a transport company driving a big rig, there's a lot of work for truckers.

In Alberta, they have different types of licenses, the ones that I am familiar with are the class 1 license (to drive a multi axle semi truck) or the class 3 (air brakes endorsement), to drive trucks like dumps trucks, vac trucks, etc.

I'm sure if you're from a different province or state, they will recognize whatever license you may have.

and the salaries of those truck drivers?

So..i'm a 29 year old dutch guy and i want to make some serious money. A lot and ASAP. I Don't have technical work experience or what so ever in the Oil business, but if i have to...i'm willing to learn. I am used to long workdays and i think i have an good work mentality if i have to. So what would be your advice if you were in my position? Go to some pre-community college for a job and get some work experience after that? Or go to canada as an experienced truck driver and find a job in that field?

The plan is to start and build a new life in Canada for the next 3 years...make some serious money and do an around the world trip....and i'm pretty damn serious about it because i have nothing to lose

What do you think Scotian?

Since you're Dutch and under 35, qualifying for a visa won't be very hard, check out the work experience Canada link I posted earlier in the thread.

Once you're on the ground in Alberta or Saskatchewan or BC (remember, you don't necessarily have to be in the Fort Mac area to be making big money in the resource sector), I would try to get on with a company as a driver since that's what you know best and drivers make decent money, you'd probably clear around $2500/week.

You may have to take a "class 1" driver training class in Edmonton or Calgary, if so, it won't be hard to find a school, that's something you'll have to look into.

Also, You should probably have about $5000 in the bank to get settled, I moved out with only $1500 to my name, not an ideal scenario! Alberta cities are definitely "car cities", its not impossible to get by without a car, but public transport sucks, so you may want to consider buying a car too.

Overall, with your work experience as a trucker, you shouldn't have too many problems finding work in western Canada!

Thanks man...This all made me think about a change of life.

Due to some bad desicions in life i have to pay like 3000 euro extra p/y for a study at the university over here. The complete 4- year study would cost me approx. 15-20k and my start salary will be like 2500 dollar PER MONTH after big time!

At my current job i earn like 4200 canadian dollars every 4 weeks but i know this salary will only rise a bit in the future and that's it. sucks big time as well!

Maybe i can follow a welding course here in holland. Get my divers certificates and become a industrial welder or something in Canada.
To become a truck is an option as well, but i get the feeling the max. annual salary will be like 150k or so? and if i have the choice. I rather do something else than standing somewhere with my truck and fix problems at the side of the road.

Could you give me like a top5 well-paid jobs in the Oil Sands? (and i don't mean managing positions or blue collar jobs, advocates or what so ever) so a top 5 of well paid labour jobs.

You call yourself scotian because you are from Nova Scotia? maybe a dumb question, but it made me curious.

good work so far Wink Thumb up
01-30-2012 06:12 AM
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