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Working in the Canadian oil sands: 6 figures in 6 months!
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RE: Working in the Canadian oil sands: 6 figures in 6 months!
(02-01-2012 09:40 AM)serge68 Wrote:  Alright, I'll bite. I've got some questions.

I'm 23 years old, with limited carpentry experience, and am considering becoming the skills and certs to become an electrician, or at least just the skills. In your original post, you said something about making 100k in like 6 months.

Definitely a tantalizing offer.

Ilm definitely interested in making that kind of money and would start now if possible. What could I do to make that kind of money (100k and up) in that time frame, though I wouldn't object to staying longer for more $. Also, are the oil/black sand job/salary conditions the same in North Dakota as they are in alberta?

Well the title of the thread may be a bit misleading, I"ll admit. You WON'T make 6 figures if you're a green hand newbie, however, if you play your cards right, work hard and move up the food chain, you can make that kind of money, it took me about 3 years to get to that level.

All of the info you need to get started in the oil sands is in this thread, you can work union through the IBEW ( or non-union through CLAC (

here's some MAJOR contractors that employ thousands of electricians in the oil sands (BTW electrician is an EXCELLENT trade, you can literally do it anywhere, either residential, commercial or industrial):

-Chemco (
-Kiewit (
-JV Driver (
-Pyramid contruction (
-DCM Construction (
-FT Services (

No the oil fields of North Dakota and Fort McMurray aren't similar, in ND they drill for oil with a rig, in Fort Mac they scoop it out of the ground like in a mine, check out the videos posted in the thread for more info.
02-01-2012 12:16 PM
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