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Working in the Canadian oil sands: 6 figures in 6 months!
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RE: Working in the Canadian oil sands: 6 figures in 6 months!
(04-27-2012 07:03 AM)metalhaze Wrote:  Scotian, I know I've asked you the question before but what are your best tips for someone with a master degree in business who wants to make lots of cash fast in Alberta without getting himself killed (i.e. highly dangerous job) or having to put in years to learn a trade (ex. welder) but I have no qualms about working on camp (the pics you posted where highly appreciated, it doesn't look that bad as people might think).
how much can one expect?
Im in my late 20s, I make in the mid 50s in Quebec as a business analyst so it's sweet but I work long hours with taxes being highest here...the more I read this thread the more I think about making a move!

Well if you don't want to get into a skilled trade, then you could go labourer and still make decent money, although you may get bored of working with ex-cons and changing trash cans all day.

A better idea would be to get on with a Quebec based company with operations in Fort Mac, such as DCM Group or SNC Lavalin, that way once you get sick of Fort Mac (trust me, you will), you can move home. There`s quite a few engineering firms with ops in every province. Of course, you`d want to put your education to use and not have to do grunt work out in -40 or such as I`m doing now, with mud up to my knees!

Office guys can make big money too and do the fly-in/out thing, there`s positions like scheduler/planner, cost estimator, project management, purchasing, logistics, etc.

Unskilled labour starts at around $20/hour, so each week would look like this: M-F, $20x8=160 plus $30x4=120, your gross daily would be $280 then on Saturday and Sunday you get 1.5X your base rat all day so $30x12=$360, so $280x5=1400 plus $360x2=720, this is a gross weekly income of $2120, minus taxes.

That`s the lowest paid unskilled non-union labour(union guys like me get double time after 10 hours and double all weekends).

I would try to get on a site such as CNRL Horizon (run by French men outta QC) or any other one that does fly-in/out and get an office job and make twice (or more!) as much as the above rate.

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04-27-2012 01:54 PM
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