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Working in the Canadian oil sands: 6 figures in 6 months!
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RE: Working in the Canadian oil sands: 6 figures in 6 months!
(08-06-2012 05:01 AM)Janec Wrote:  Hey guys. I'm new to the forum i just found it by accident while researching working in Oil Sands topic, but i was hardly finding any valuable info on web until now.I'm Polish, i'm turning 29 in December at the moment i work for land survey company in Poland but i have no formal qualification in this matter, i was trained on the job(i got bachelor's degree in English Studies i graduated couple years ago and i have next to non contact with living language so forgive my mistakes).I'm pretty determined to move to Alberta and look for a Job stay for couple years earn some cash and start some business back home.While i was reading this thread (which by the way is very informative and BIG thanks to Scotian for his work put in it)i came up with the plan which probably is similar to other guys plans :

Get Working Holiday Visa since i'm Polish it shouldn't be a problem,Land in Edmonton, do some safety courses which were listed in previous posts (whatever is required for the job).Network like crazy and look for the job.I'm aiming for Labourer job for a start(i enjoy manual work and i always wanted to be a blue collar guy but as someone said brain washing to get a higher eduacation works in Poland as well as anywhereSmile.

I still have to save some money, get Visa and translate some documents ,make new passport and so on to make a move so i won't be able to fly to Canada until march 2013.Is it a good time of the year early spring to look for a Labouring job or it will be better to wait till fall or sth?

And the second question is How it works, a Guy from Poland arrives in Edmonton he eventually lands a job as a Labourer for CEDA ( too good to be true i guess) and than is there any chance for him to get trained to become for example a welder ( i know that depends on many factors ).I'm curious are they giving you a chance when they see that you're not a complete fuck and you're eager to work, got some skills that you could develop(again i'm aware that some pre-employment training would be required).

I'm asking this because i read that apprenticeship is only available for Canadian Citizens or permanent residents.And i don't know if temporary workers visa will be given to a manual Laborer (i doubt that)So i have only one year to "get in" and be recognized as valuable Worker for some company to offer me training and want me to stay and work for them.Scotian maybe you know someone who been down that road and knows how it is.

Sorry if what i wrote is a bit chaotic.
And again thanks to Scotian for starting this thread.

Make sure that you apply for the visa as early in January 2013 as possible, there may be a limited number of them available for Polish citizens, I met a Croatian guy who told me when he applied, he was informed that only 200 were available his his country each year.

Getting a labourer job shouldn't be too hard, but since you have some surveying experience, you should consider doing that in Alberta, unless you're looking to get into something else. Here's the names of some companies that hire surveyors: , ,

You'll have to look into it, but I think those temporary visas for European citizens are for anyone, skilled or unskilled, a lot of people come here on those visas to work in the tourism industry. The skilled workers would fall into another category, such as the Provincial Nomiee Program:

March is probably one of the best times to move to Alberta and look for work, as the busy shut down season begins in April. Your plans sounds good to me, keep us posted on your progress.

Good luck!

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08-06-2012 09:02 PM
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