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Working in the Canadian oil sands: 6 figures in 6 months!
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RE: Working in the Canadian oil sands: 6 figures in 6 months!
(08-23-2012 11:52 AM)scotian Wrote:  
(08-23-2012 03:29 AM)Janec Wrote:  I'm planning to come to Canada in early spring 2013 so it should start to get warmer on the streets;-)Seriously though i'm earning 450 $ per month right now ( This is no joke, and you know why i want to move to Alberta ) i've already saved $2k, when i sell my Motorcycle i'll get aditional $2k and I'm gonna borrow some money from family.I guess if i cannot gather enought doug i'll have to postpone my departure.I will have to have at least $8k total to pay for everything but taking into consideration my monthly Pay it seems almost impossible but quitting is not an option.

Looks like you're on the right track, spring of 2013 will be a good time to make the move. You'll have to look into it, but I'm almost certain that in order to get your visa and working papers, the Canadian government requires you to prove that you have a certain amount of money in the bank before you come over, not sure how much.

Like Ecksie says, $3000 isn't a lot and you should try to save more. I moved out back in 06' with $1500 but I stayed with a friends rent free for the first month and landed a decent job paying $18/hour within a week. I know people who took much longer to find work, although their motivation levels were questionable.

So, it is possible with as little as $3000, if you can quickly find a room to rent for $400-600/month and find a job, any job, ASAP to sustain yourself while you take your safety courses and continue to look for a better job. Then again, you may luck out and find a great job right away, who knows, you may have a hard time finding anything (although this is unlikely, you can always do temp work or some low pay $12/hour job).

The more money you have, the less stressed you'll be about finding work right away, and you could take some time, a week or so, to get to know whatever city you end up in and get settled, make friends, etc.

Also, there`s a big Polish community in Canada so maybe you could link up with some of your countrymen here to make some contacts, get leads on work opportunities, etc.

Thanks a lot mate.I guess i'll have to figure something out to save more money.The amount of money reguired to get into Canada is

It will be like one shot and i have to score so there won't be problems with motivation i can't afford any hesitation or whatever.I have to go, get a job any job, and move on step by step, you're absolutely right that more money will help me to become acustomed to new place easier.

There is some kind of orientation meeting in Canadian Embassy in Warsaw on 28th of September about Working in Canada so i'm hoping to get aditional information about the Visa requirements that are not presented on their website and maybe more useful info that i'm not aware of at the moment.

I'm gonna spend a lot of time digging for info on the web so i will check polish community in Canada.

Thanks again
08-23-2012 12:36 PM
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