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Working in the Canadian oil sands: 6 figures in 6 months!
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RE: Working in the Canadian oil sands: 6 figures in 6 months!
Scotian has given some really good advice here. I'll try to include a few things specific to international travelers.

-Get a social insurance and Alberta health insurance as soon as you arrive.

-work on getting a license or government issue photo ID next.

-Telus, Bell, and Rogers are the main cell phone providers. Get set up with a cell phone ASAP as you'll need one to network and Internet access. Before getting a cellphone, you'll need a Canadian ID. A cell phone with gps is a huge help for finding your way around the city. The last thing you'll want is to roam aimlessly..lost in a foreign city all day or night.

-A lot of guys lock into looking for work with drilling companies and completely overlook the trades. Start out as a laborer in construction. My company is currently paying $23+ for unskilled labour in town and has trouble staffing.

-don't forget to check LinkedIn and Facebook for job postings. A lot of good companies are really pushing their social media ads.

-since you'll likely be on a budget and need to work efficiently, you'll need to be hitting the pavement by 8am.

-it's a landlords market...and some of them are hesitant to rent to foreigners. You may have to rent month to month for a bit.

-once you land a suitable job, keep looking to improve while settling in.

I think this is listed somewhere but I'll toss a few company names out:

Oil & energy companies: Imperial Oil, Esso, MEG energy, suncor, syncrude, CNRL, Husky, nexen, Encana, harvest, peyto, Crew, Vermilion...I'm sure there's a lot more.

Construction: Thompson, NACG, kiewit, aecon, graham, voice, KBR, Bantrel, PCL, CEDA, Wilco, Pyramid, Pacer, Ledcor, Lafarge, Alberco, Hazco, Fluor, CPI, EnviroPro, A&H steel, Flint

Drilling and servicing: nabors, calmena, Trinidad, champion drilling, Halliburton, schlumberger

That's only a fraction of companies. By the time you get through those, I'm sure you'll have multiple options.
08-30-2012 11:59 PM
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