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Working in the Canadian oil sands: 6 figures in 6 months!
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RE: Working in the Canadian oil sands: 6 figures in 6 months!
(08-30-2012 11:59 PM)Ecksie Wrote:  Scotian has given some really good advice here. I'll try to include a few things specific to international travelers.

-Get a social insurance and Alberta health insurance as soon as you arrive.

-work on getting a license or government issue photo ID next.

-Telus, Bell, and Rogers are the main cell phone providers. Get set up with a cell phone ASAP as you'll need one to network and Internet access. Before getting a cellphone, you'll need a Canadian ID. A cell phone with gps is a huge help for finding your way around the city. The last thing you'll want is to roam aimlessly..lost in a foreign city all day or night.

-A lot of guys lock into looking for work with drilling companies and completely overlook the trades. Start out as a laborer in construction. My company is currently paying $23+ for unskilled labour in town and has trouble staffing.

-don't forget to check LinkedIn and Facebook for job postings. A lot of good companies are really pushing their social media ads.

-since you'll likely be on a budget and need to work efficiently, you'll need to be hitting the pavement by 8am.

-it's a landlords market...and some of them are hesitant to rent to foreigners. You may have to rent month to month for a bit.

-once you land a suitable job, keep looking to improve while settling in.

I think this is listed somewhere but I'll toss a few company names out:

Oil & energy companies: Imperial Oil, Esso, MEG energy, suncor, syncrude, CNRL, Husky, nexen, Encana, harvest, peyto, Crew, Vermilion...I'm sure there's a lot more.

Construction: Thompson, NACG, kiewit, aecon, graham, voice, KBR, Bantrel, PCL, CEDA, Wilco, Pyramid, Pacer, Ledcor, Lafarge, Alberco, Hazco, Fluor, CPI, EnviroPro, A&H steel, Flint

Drilling and servicing: nabors, calmena, Trinidad, champion drilling, Halliburton, schlumberger

That's only a fraction of companies. By the time you get through those, I'm sure you'll have multiple options.

Awesome advice Ecksie, guys he speaks 100% truth in that post, I've worked for most of the sites and companies that he just listed as a sub-contractor. Those are some of the biggest players in the oil sands and all over western Canada (some of them international), like Ecksie said, if you are "on the ground" in Alberta with all of your admin stuff sorted out, you'd likely land a job by firing off CVs to all those mentioned companies.

Also, as Ecksie mentioned, some guys go straight to the drilling rigs and don't consider the trades. This is solid advice and as you can read throughout this thread, I've always said that the trades are the way to go if you're considering a long term career, especially in the oil sands.

There are some drilling rigs in the oil sands, on the SAGD sites (which will make up about 85% of all oil sands operations in the next 15 years or so) but the bulk of the work, especially during the construction phases, is in the trades. We're talking about literally tens of thousands of positions if all of these projects are built over the next 10-20 years as currently planned.

Ecksie, are you in E-town? We should meet up for a beer some time

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