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Working in the Canadian oil sands: 6 figures in 6 months!
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RE: Working in the Canadian oil sands: 6 figures in 6 months!
Hey Scotian man, and everybody else, thanks a lot for this information. I have read this thread page by page. I have also read a few other threads, very interesting stuff. I then wanted to register and found out had to wait till the first of every month lol. So here I am.

Scotian are you from Inverness by any chance lol?

Another stupid question Scotian, I remember you mentioned about not going to Alberta without having some sort of a skill. But what about a guy like me? Well, I have no skills as in formal training. I have a high school diploma from Toronto and have my full G license, which I think is equivalent to Class 5 Alberta driver's license. I do have experience working odd jobs and manual labour.

Man things are SO bad in Toronto, I applied for a job at a Tim Horton's and gave them full 7 days, 24 hr availability and they didn't even call me for an interview. This blows man!

I was searching online about moving to Alberta for jobs and came across this website. I just did not want to go there without knowing anything.

I have packed up my stuff and now just trying to save up some money. I will definitely move out West, that is for sure.

I went to Ryerson University here in Toronto for engineering and went on probation the first year and then I dropped out. I want to be my own boss and getting into the trades looks like the way to go. I always imagined myself driving around in a 4x4 4-door pick up truck! But right now I just need to make some good money and pay off some debts, and then invest the money I earn into learning a trade. I have to pay off the $12000 student debt that I wasted by failing at Ryerson U.

I also have the same question as catalyst.

(08-31-2012 12:42 AM)catalyst Wrote:  2. I looked at the trade schools, in particular, NAIT and SAIT. I came across pre-employment courses and pre-apprentice courses. Are the 2 significantly different? You mentioned yourself taking a course earlier in the thread. Did it help to differentiate you from other job candidates?

Keep the information coming Scotian, and everybody else. This stuff is mind blowing. I've browsed the whole internet and did not come across anything like this. I just hope that I can land a job that pays good, anything 23+/hr would be awesome!


(08-31-2012 12:42 AM)scotian Wrote:  Awesome advice Ecksie, guys he speaks 100% truth in that post, I've worked for most of the sites and companies that he just listed as a sub-contractor. Those are some of the biggest players in the oil sands and all over western Canada (some of them international), like Ecksie said, if you are "on the ground" in Alberta with all of your admin stuff sorted out, you'd likely land a job by firing off CVs to all those mentioned companies.

Also, as Ecksie mentioned, some guys go straight to the drilling rigs and don't consider the trades. This is solid advice and as you can read throughout this thread, I've always said that the trades are the way to go if you're considering a long term career, especially in the oil sands.

There are some drilling rigs in the oil sands, on the SAGD sites (which will make up about 85% of all oil sands operations in the next 15 years or so) but the bulk of the work, especially during the construction phases, is in the trades. We're talking about literally tens of thousands of positions if all of these projects are built over the next 10-20 years as currently planned.

Ecksie, are you in E-town? We should meet up for a beer some time
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