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Working in the Canadian oil sands: 6 figures in 6 months!
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RE: Working in the Canadian oil sands: 6 figures in 6 months!
(08-29-2012 04:54 PM)scotian Wrote:  Glad to hear you're making the move Irishman, you'll be the first RVF member from outside of Canada to move to Alberta and work in the oil biz. I know of three other Canadian guys who've made the move and as far as I know, they're all currently working.

September is a very busy time in Alberta and I"m confident you'll find a job quickly, hopefully you have enough cash in the bank to allow yourself some time to shop around for a job with a company that suits you best.

One thing though, why are you going to Calgary first then Edmonton, because of the flights? If you're planning on going to Edmonton, why not just go there right away and take care of all your admin stuff there and safety courses? You can take a bus (Greyhound or Red Arrow), its a 3 hour drive north to E-town.

Of course, there's plenty of work in Calgary too and fly in/out positions available from there, so you could just stay there, actually I prefer Calgary to Edmonton, much nicer city.

Whichever city you choose to stay in, you're plan will be the same:

-land at airport and take a shuttle or taxi to the Hosteling International hostel (, check in for a few days or a week while you take care of your banking and other things. The HI hostel in Edmonton is located a block away from the main party spot in E-town, Whyte Ave, the one in Calgary is very close to downtown, in East Village (a bit sketchy at night!) Dorm rooms are about $30/night.

-Buy a weekly transit pass that will allow you to get on buses and the LRT (Light Rail Transit), both cities have one. Neither city is great for transit and there aren't many bus options going to the industrial areas, it'll take awhile to get around to hand out CVs but it can be done, I did it.

-Find a training centre close to the LRT lines or bus stops and do your H2S and CSTS as a minimum, first-aid is nice to have but not essential.

-I'd recommend finding a room in a house for rent, should be able to get one for around $400-600, again, being close to transit is ideal. Check and craigslist.

-Apply for jobs: look up all the companies I posted throughout this forum, check the Service Canada Job Bank (, check listings in the local papers, online job companies (, workopolis, etc), also check in with temp agencies (randstadt, manpower, diversified Staffing, etc).

I recommend giving yourself about 2-3 weeks to get all of this done and get to know whichever city (Calgary or Edmonton) you decide to stay in. Also, try to meet some women because if you're working away on a fly in/out rotation, it'll be nice to have some friends to go out with on your days off.

Also, NETWORK, NETWORK, NETWORK! Wherever you go in Alberta, people are generally friendly and will try to help you out if they can. I'm not encouraging you to spend all of your time in bars, but a lot tradesmen and business owners hang out in bars and restaurants after work and will likely take your CV and pass it along to hiring managers. In Calgary, check out 8 ave and 17th after 4pm, in Edmonton it'll be the bars and pubs on Jasper and Whyte.

I'm currently travelling but will be back in Edmonton Septmeber 13th for a couple of days before heading back up to Fort McMurray.

Good luck and keep us posted on your progress!

Right Scotian I am taking your advice and going straight up to Edmonton. Can't wait!

I will be sure to keep everyone up to date on my progress and how I get on.

At the moment the tough choice is what job area to go for when I land. Nearly too many online to pick from so I will just see how it goes and can always switch afterwards. I am thinking of getting into directional drilling as I have a friend doing it in Casper, Wyoming and says the guy training him is on 50k a month! Sounds like an alright gig too.

So I think I will start off by applying to drilling companies for work.

Quick question: should I pack a suit for job interviews or just smart casual clothes? Dont want to overdress if everyone up there is quite laidback in the offices.

09-03-2012 05:25 AM
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