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Working in the Canadian oil sands: 6 figures in 6 months!
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RE: Working in the Canadian oil sands: 6 figures in 6 months!
(09-24-2012 12:03 AM)23Billion Wrote:  Hey man that was an informative post.

In terms of the camp situations I thought this was Canada and the government did its job in terms of public safety and safe work conditions. I guess I was wrong. I do agree there is always strenght in numbers and unity, but I disagree with the unions being so exclusive at times.

I believe in a strong govt and a regulated society where the govt puts public safety and value for life and dignity above everything else. I don't understand why Canada needs to bring in temporary foreign workers when the unemployment rate here is around 7%. Why not train the unemployed Canadians and put them to work? And after that bring in as many temp foreign workers as possible.
I am also pro immigration. Anyway sorry for trolling and back to the topic.

Scotian man somebody told me that truck drivers bring in $8 gr and a month! Is there any truth to that?

If its worth it then I will spend the $2 grand on training for truck driving once I have the funds.

That was a bit of a pro-union rant on my behalf and I used two extreme examples of how shitty it can be in northern Alberta, but I don't want to give the impression that those types of situations are the norm, the aren't, at all. Thankfully most of those shitty old camps are being replaced by new, modern ones. The death of those two Chinese workers was during the crazy boom time and shouldn't have been allowed to happen but it did, hopefully it doesn't happen again.

Overall, the union thing isn't a really big deal and Alberta is the least unionized province of Canada. For the most part, provincial and federal rules ensure the job sites are safe, and with the labour shortage, most employers treat their guys well. There aren't too many labour strikes in Alberta because if a welder or fitter is making 150K/year, he doesn't have too many complaints.

The reason that we have high unemployment in some areas, especially the east and a labour shortage in the west is because too many young people are afraid to get their hands dirty in a trade and are brain washed by teachers and guidance counselors that university is the only way to go. I fell into that trap too, I wish someone had told me back in 2001 that if I took a trade I'd be making double or triple what a teacher makes.

23billion you sound like me before I moved out west, I remember someone told me that their cousin was clearing $1500 a week and I thought that was crazy. Well now if I cleared $1500 a week It had better be because I only worked 3 days, my biggest one week cheque was $5500 cleared, $3-4000 is normal.

I don't want to talk you out of driving a truck if that's what you want to do but you'll make more as a crane operator or any other craft trade.

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09-24-2012 09:13 PM
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