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Working in the Canadian oil sands: 6 figures in 6 months!
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RE: Working in the Canadian oil sands: 6 figures in 6 months!
My experience on my 2nd rotation:

I'm working out of province.

The job is not a camp job, all accommodations are arranged by us (the workers). They give us a living allowance which is more than enough, and if wise choices are made, it can easily push my salary over $100,000. It's tax free.

When I first arrived I was living in a motel, but it ran quite expensive, I was still making money off the LOA, but having to eat out every day eventually got tedious. There is only so much Subway and Tim Hortons a man can stomach.

Met a good guy out here who I can relate to who is also a green hand like myself (term used for newbies with little experience in an industrial environment). If you're a big city dude, most of the cats up here are country boys may be culturally alien to your experiences. Beer bellies, dirt bikes, and stories that begin with "I was so drunk once...", and so on. Nothing wrong with the lifestyle, but it is alien and if you've grown up in a big city or travelled the world you won't have much to discuss other than women and sports at the beginning.

Me and my buddy ended up renting a little place by a beach/lake, with kitchen, 2 bedrooms, and a large bushy yard.

It's about an 40 minutes drive to the site, so waking up at 5 am is an unfortunate reality.

If you've worked in an office before. Forget everything about the way things are done. There is no weekly perfomance meetings, no HR to keep idiots at bay, and you'll need to move fast, all the time. I'm still working on this.

So far I'm still working on learning this new environment. Waking up at 5 is heavy if you're used to 8 solid hours of sleep. Many of my colleages drink after work till late, go out to bars, or visit adjecent towns to party. Sometimes the safety meeting in the morning smells like a brewery. I avoid all of that and try to get a good night sleep. If you're willing to go out to bars, you can get laid here and will get your pussy fix.

Since I'm early birding, I'm on a dry spell, in addition to involuntarily joining the Roosh Forum non-fap challenge (no time to beat off when you're working such long hours).

Finally, my body, and lower back are aching like fuck, first physical job in my life, and it shows. But as time passes, muscles in new places are strengthened and it becomes progressively easier. Be prepared to ache.

Watching your bank account grow is fucking amazing and is a major motivating factor.

I'll keep throwing updated posts.

Now I have 7 days to Edmonton to snatch a lizard or two.
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