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Working in the Canadian oil sands: 6 figures in 6 months!
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RE: Working in the Canadian oil sands: 6 figures in 6 months!
Hey guys.

Hey Ecksie, awesome post man. I wanted to ask you a question. I told a good friend of mine about job situation in Alberta. He's going to university for engineering and has finished his first year and now he's working as a security guard full time in Toronto making $10/hr to save up money for the next year. He had a very bad experience with student loan funding where twice they took up to two months to issue him funding and he had to borrow money from friends and credit cards to pay for rent and food. He decided to take a year off, work full time and then head back to school.

Now my question is: Are there companies that will hire him as a junior engineer or something because he has finished the first year? If so, would it be better for him to move to Alberta and apply in person or just email resumes?

He'll have to wait till the first of November to sign up so he asked me to ask around on this forum. If I can help him land a job I'm pretty sure he'll help me out in the long term too lol Smile.

My update so far:

I moved to Regina, Saskatchewan from Toronto, Ontario. The plan was to go to Alberta but it turned out I knew somebody who had been living in Regina for a while already.

Given that I had $900 on me, I decided to come to Regina and find work here and then move to Alberta. After $300 spent on the plane ticket you're not left with much. Living in Regina is saving me rent money. I was told not to worry about rent until I land a full time job.

I have applied to a few places but haven't heard back. I've been here for a week and I'm taking it one step at a time. I don't have access to a car right now so I am totally reliant on public transit which likes to take its time. I also don't really have a skill. I wasted enough time working retail and other lousy dead end jobs. So I'm not rushing into things and weighing my options because I want to learn a real skill.

I met a lot of dudes at the H2S Alive class and they all told me that Estevan, Saskatchewan has a lot of work also. Somewhat similar situation as Alberta. Literally companies begging people to go work for them but most of them are non-camp jobs. Still I met a more people who told me to head to Alberta once I have some funds.

Anyway, I have seen A LOT more jobs advertized here in Regina, Saskatchewan in less than one week than I had seen in Toronto in last 2 years.

If you can, make the move guys. Come out west.
10-06-2012 12:15 AM
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