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Working in the Canadian oil sands: 6 figures in 6 months!
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RE: Working in the Canadian oil sands: 6 figures in 6 months!
Hey scotian man thanks for the reply.

Yeah man I told him to come out West. He's an okay guy and a hard worker. Just today I heard about him and I was told that he's been working two dead end jobs, one full time and one part time. He's still working retail and and also got his cab license. If you ask me man, 5 - 10 years of retail sales experience doesn't count to much if you're barely making bill payments and borrowing from credit cards and revolving the debt.

I have even offered him that he could crash here in Regina at the place where I am living. I have already asked my friend and he's okay with it.

I've also told him to apply with companies online etc which he said he has been doing but he's not getting any responses. So my guess is that he should be in Alberta in person.

I do hope that guy finds a good job man.

(10-07-2012 11:23 AM)scotian Wrote:  
(10-07-2012 01:32 AM)23Billion Wrote:  Hey Ecksie thanks for the reply man.

Hey man another question. I told my buddy about what you said. I basically copied it and emailed it to him.

He then asked me to ask you about the job prospects for his older cousin who has an Electronics Technician Diploma from college in Toronto, and an unfinished Bachelor of Technology from the same school with absolutely no experience. I was told that the guy could not find any job at all so he discontinued his degree. I think I met him once he was so down and he was also working in retail. He told me to post the list of his qualifications to you so you'd know since you're a technical guy. So that guy's qualifications are:

1) Bachelor of Technology - unfinished degree
2) Electronics Engineering Technician Diploma, completed but no experience
3) CCNNA = Cisco Certified Network Associate. i was told this was a hard to get thing but he didn't find a job either because there are no jobs in Ontario.
4) A+ certification.

The dude had to get any job he could find to pay bills and support his family. So I am told he didn't find any job in his field.

Would that guy be able to land any decent paying jobs?

This guy should be able to find something with his education alone, I worked with a guy (Kick currently works with him), who had a 2 year diploma in electric engineering from a college and an advanced degree in mathematics yet his only job experience was driving a taxi in Halifax. He finally decided to move out west at the age of 30 when his friend hooked him up with a job interview over the phone, he's been out here for 7 years now and is doing very well.

I'm a bit cautious about helping friends and family out now, unless they're young and fresh out of school. I tried getting some of my unemployed and under employed buddies to move out west, especially during the last boom, when literally companies were hurting so bad for employees anyone with a pulse could walk right into a 60K+ job off the street, often times way more.

The thing is that some people can't be helped, they either lack motivation or the balls to move away from friends and family and take a risk. I know a few guys who even paid for their friend's flight out west, gave them a room to live in and still some of these guys don't make it, they usually end up crashing on the sofa for a few weeks before moving back home, even more depressed than when they moved out.

All the same, if your buddy truly wants to work and is motivated, plenty of opportunity for him out here.
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