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Working in the Canadian oil sands: 6 figures in 6 months!
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RE: Working in the Canadian oil sands: 6 figures in 6 months!
Some random thoughts after about a week here in Edmonton:

Yes it's all true that there is a TON of money to be made in this province. I've seen and heard some crazy things. My previous roommate is a truck driver and makes 10k every 3 weeks. The one staying with me now is a derrick guy and clears 180k/year and is 25. And on and on.

Scotian was dead right that there are some shady characters, guys with criminal records. The truck driver guy, albeit a cool guy, tld me he had 3 assault charges when he was younger and wilder. Met a guy last night, he is a metal worker, 25, from Ontario, was in jail for a while. Didn't press him much for details but that's a bit ensettling when you're working with a guy like that, let alone sharing a room with such a guy.

Speaking of Scotian, met him on Friday and he is definitely the real deal. Funny, cool and very helpful. Big thumbps up bro. I may join you in Asia partying in February. Smile

So far, my job search has been going slow. I've been calling companies all accross Alberta and they're all telling me the same thing. They will start hiring when the weather gets colder. I never thought in my life I'd be hoping for the weather to get cold but it'st he case here and believe it or not, it's been relatively nice here since saturday, in the mid teens. That's warm for Alberta. LOL So so far, I've been told that hopefully by next week, when it gets colder, they will start hiring again. I've been sending my resume to a ton of places, leaving messages and talking to guys and girls in these companies.

I am thinking of going to Red Deer as that's where most of the companies in the area I'm looking to get in are located and while it's easy and cheap to get there, accommodation is not cheap there. 100 bucks a night minimum for a motel. Haven't decided yet whether I'm going to stay and look for an apartment or a room in Edmonton or go look in Red Deer or Grande Prairie. Will give it 1 more week in Edmonton before deciding.

Also noticed that pretty much everything is cheaper here compared to say Toronto (such as gas, cars, car insurance, way cheaper here than in Toronto, housing is ok) but food is more expensive here than in TO. Last night went for a shwarma in a Lebanese restaurant and it was 14 bucks for 1. In Toronto, you get 2 for 6 bucks.

People are very nice and friendly here. I'd say a lot nicer than in TO. One thing I noticed is that it's tough to be here without a car a to get to all the companies and specially if you venture into the smaller cities. I never had a need for a car while living in Toronto, but now I'm seriously considering getting one and as mentioned above, they are cheaper here (saw some crazy deals in the papers) and insurance is a fraction of what it would be in Toronto.

There you have some random thoughts about Edmonton after about a week 10 days here. I'm going to get something good and right now, I'm hoping for the weather to get cold so that companies start hiring again. Will keep you guys posted on how things go.
10-16-2012 06:37 PM
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