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Working in the Canadian oil sands: 6 figures in 6 months!
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RE: Working in the Canadian oil sands: 6 figures in 6 months!
(12-02-2012 10:06 AM)celticman Wrote:  Hey guys,

Firstly can I say thanks to Scotian and Lux for their replies to my initial post. Iv been working some crazy 15 hour shifts for the last month or so and have had literally no time to check out the forum.

Have been doing some thinking and have decided that I want to follow up on my scaffolding experience once I get to Canada. My tickets are out of date here so does anybody know if I should retake them here or is it better to get a pre work course or apprenticeship course in Alberta?? I will be able to provide proof of hours worked and also a positive written assessment from my previous employer which I hope will come in handy.

My aim is to get an IEC visa as soon as possible in the new year. Applications open sometime early January. Has anybody any experience of applying through this programme? I have heard that there was a massive backlog last year and know of some people who failed on small mistakes on the application form itself. Due to this I would consider using a visa agency to complete my application for me as I really can not afford to miss my chance on this and with the expected backlog and massive numbers applying, I will probably only get one chance. Does anybody know some good agencies? Also, as I am a resident of N. Ireland I can apply through either the British or Irish programmes. A friend has told me that the british driving licence is fully transferable in Canada whereas I would have to resit driving tests if I have an Irish licence. Can anyone shed any light on this? Im leaning towards applying through the british programme as I feel there will be less numbers applying straight away and also for the benefits of the drivers licence.

Thanks in advance and I should have better access to the forum for the next few weeks as work will ease slightly. The IEC open date is rapidly approaching as well so I need to start getting organised for that!!

Bring a British Licence if you can.
You will have to re-sit if you bring your Irish one.
The IEC forms are pretty straightforward, be sure to get your police clearance cert right now as this can take a few weeks, have everything ready to send off on the first of January.
Don't waste money on an emmigration company, just proof read everything once your finished, if you need any help don't hesitate to ask, I went through it all last year.

As regards work, if you want to GUARANTEE yourself a camp job you need to join one of the your case Local 1325 in Edmonton.
The Union has an online board with a full list of jobs that you can apply for once you meet the requirements, it will state the rotation, the hours, the camp and what tickets are required.
I am with them as a carpenter but scaffolders always have a great choice of jobs to pick from, long hours etc.
Also once in the Union you can do all your safety courses for $10 each......saving yourself hundreds of dollars.
Again I can guide you through the process when you get here.
The Unions have a strong history in Canada and as an Old timer on my crew says "If it wasn't for the Unions we'd all be sleeping in the ditch"

They have also started giving introductory courses for guys with no previous experience in the trades.
Personally speaking the best decision I made in Canada was joining the Union.
I do a 12 on 2 off, 10 hours a day.
Getting $52 per hour with time and a half on Friday and Double time Saturday and Sunday.
Great health, pension and other benefits.
Plus plenty of chances to further you education.
I have had constant work since joining and generally if you are a hard worker your company will try to keep you with them.
12-02-2012 04:10 PM
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