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Working in the Canadian oil sands: 6 figures in 6 months!
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RE: Working in the Canadian oil sands: 6 figures in 6 months!
Scotian thanks a million. It is crazy to think that this one tread has had such an impact on my life. Thanks again man for all the info.

We were talking about it last night at work and a lot of the experienced guys here think that Canada is about to have another even bigger boom. I still find it funny that they don't consider it a boom right now even though what people are making and how much jobs are available. It is just so different back home. They have seen the cycles here before and think that once they get these pipeline projects up here sorted the place will be raining money.

For everyone reading this tread coming here- still just stay focused and pace yourself. I don't like posting too much about myself but I will give some background details. It took me over a year of planning/work just to get here once I had decided it was what I wanted to do. I worked hard back home in a call centre, pumping gas, teaching kids surfing etc. for a year just to save up enough to get over here. It wasn't always easy but it definitely taught me that you got to work for what you want.

I remember the day I landed here. I told myself I had one chance to make it here which wasn't necessarily true but insured that I remained focused and motivated. Since I have got here I have worked 5 different jobs to get to the one I am in now: landscaping, snow removal, bouncing at a club, working in a plywood factory, leasehanding and now being an MWD. I will make around 140,000 next year and 200k the year after. I still find it hard to believe that that is true. I was raised in a country where no one makes over 50k a year till they are at least 40. But still I haven't made it yet. My 500 dollar truck is parked right now between 2 other trucks that cost over 100,000 each. It has towels in one of the windows because I had to smash it after I locked myself out and haven't had the time to fix it cause I have been working so much. I get paid a month after I work in this job so still very much on a budget till then. But it is starting to feel like it is all coming together.

The point I am making here and in other posts is to be ready to work hard and do whatever it takes to reach your goal. If you can leave the ego aside when you land and just think about where it all leads you will make it big here. A good example is my plywood job. I would get up at 5am to take a bus that lasts an hour and then walk another 20 minutes just to get to work. Going home was worse because of the bus times. But it kept me going, built even more motivation and it definitely impressed my boss when I interviewed for this job.

I plan to be in a pretty good place financially by March. Pretty much 6 months after I arrive. Right like the post title says. The first time I will have been debt free since I was 19.

It doesn't have to be this hard for everyone or maybe it will be even harder but if you are reading this and want that kind of money and the options that go with it later in life it is definitely here for the taking.

My advice:

- Decide for sure if you are going to come here.

- Start sorting out your visa and then book your flights.

- Sell everything you can and save as much as possible before you arrive. Burn your bridges home as the old saying goes.

- In the meantime start researching what EXACTLY you want to do. Everyone I have meet here who is doing well knew what job they wanted before they came here. This doesn't mean posting up: 'I am a plumber, what can I do in Canada guys?'. It means ringing companies, googling everything, reading other forums, checking out job websites, what is needed, where I can do courses etc. etc. etc.

-Type it all up and also go back and read ALL of this tread and compress down the parts that apply to you. I very literally had scotians compressed posts in my pocket getting off the plane. And I also had changed them around so I could check them off in order. He has posted up all the things you need to know already to make it in some many different job areas.

-Settle in, find some friends, get any job straight away, figure out the city and the country if you are new to Canada

-For sure try get a girl on the go or 2. It has helped me a lot knowing I had a girl to hang out with on the rough days and kept me focused not having to chase new tail while I was trying to focus on work too.

-Be patient and take little steps daily towards the end goal. It might all happen fast but be prepared for if it doesn't happen straight away.

-Enjoy the experience. Life's a journey not a destination. It feels good to slowly watch your goals become reality and realise you can shape your own life.

If you post up here and show that you are self motivated and not just asking questions that Scotian has answered a couple dozen times before I will make try my best to help you out. I will try have a job lined up for you in Edmonton when you get here (maybe not the best job but something) and I will try meet you in person and give you some tips and show you around. People who PM me who have made no posts asking for me to make them a plan to success and do all their research for them I am not as likely to help. Its all here already guys, no excuse.

Scotain thanks once again. The only real reason I post on this tread is because reading what you posted really did give me a plan to change my life so I feel pretty grateful for that.
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