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Working in the Canadian oil sands: 6 figures in 6 months!
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RE: Working in the Canadian oil sands: 6 figures in 6 months!
(01-02-2013 12:06 AM)Albertron Wrote:  Quick update about my situation: Spoke with my cousin's husband (let's call him Joe) at our family Christmas party, just got married last month. He's an Irishman from Newfoundland and his whole family is pretty much in Fort Mac. He said he did a 1 year stint there but said the work wasn't for him, more of a white collar guy. His brother and sister have been up there since the mid-80's and pretty much has it made there. Owns a scaffolding company. His family moved there one by one and they're all making big bucks there and owns a lot of property.

Long story short, I told him about how I'm moving to Edmonton, using scotian's blueprint. He immediately shoots down the blueprint and says "No, you're not doing that. I'm gonna have you move in with my sister in Fort Mac and I'll be sure to talk to them to get a job for you." I told him how I'm very grateful that he would consider doing that for me. However, I've also had many experiences where people have burned me, or talked a big game about providing this or that, but never followed through. So when it comes to people telling me that stuff, I take it with a grain of salt. I continue on with planning as though I've never heard that offer.

I get a call a few days ago from Joe. Says he talked to his sister and brother, and they've agreed to let me stay in their basement for a few months while I get on my feet, show me around town, get all my admin stuff taken care of. They would also have a job lined up for me when I get there. He asks, "So I know you're trying to be an electrician, but to start off, what do you wanna do? Scaffolding? Heavy machinery? Drilling? What?" I told him that I'll take anything at this point. He responds, "Well scaffolding makes a ton of money, so I'll see if I can get you started there." His nephew is a foreman at one of those sites so I may end up working under him.

So now he wants me to send a resume, get my safety tickets, and send that stuff to him. Says that 'we need to get the ball rolling' because it takes about a month to get word through their contacts in the industry and to make sure the paperwork and the job is lined up by the time I get there.

As happy as I am about this, I'm still being very cautious about relying on such options. Like I said, I've been burned before, obviously it's never a good experience. Only until it actually follows through, will I be happy about it. Otherwise, I'm taking it with... 2 grains of salt now.

Anyway, just an update. I'll let you guys know what the news is once it comes closer to Feb. Hopefully the guys that talked about heading over there in Feb or the guys that have just discovered this thread will actually follow through. Definitely wanna meet the guys that are already there.

Happy New Years!

Living rent free in the Mac is a pretty sweet deal, especially if you manage to get LOA allowance (may be hard to get as unskilled), I would take it at least for a month or two to get settled and make some money. Hopefully the people are cool and don't drive you crazy, but if they help you get a job then that's great, hopefully you'll be so busy working that you're rarely home.

Scaffolding is a good trade and the guys are almost always busy, every site has scaffolders, they work during new construction, maintenance and shut downs, all year round. It is however one of the more labour intensive trades, you'll be wacking hammers a lot and carry and passing scaffolding pipe. Another thing, scaffolders are known to be some of the tougest and roughest of the tradesmen, just to let you know.

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01-05-2013 05:01 AM
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