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Working in the Canadian oil sands: 6 figures in 6 months!
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RE: Working in the Canadian oil sands: 6 figures in 6 months!
Hey all,
Sorry bout rushed post last time, had to calve a cow for the brother! Thanks for the reply Scotian and the thread. Yes I looked that link up and it still looks like I will have to get a job offer to get a visa. The 48 months experience should be no prob as I was subbing work off main contractors for years and I will get a reference for same. I will make calls to the drywall companies I have already contacted and see if I can get a job offer without travelling back and forth. Hopefully I can get an offer, get out to alberta do my courses and driving licence and start work. But if I have to I will be out in a few weeks before end of Feb or March, depending on, and do the courses and licence and hit as many companies as possible. How long should I allow to get this done? would one busy week get me sorted? And a bigger problem Can I do the courses on a holiday visa?
Also do drywall companies work camps? I want to get to camp work eventually and I hope I can change from drywall work if necessary to secure camp work. I can turn my hand to most things and work and hours don't matter.
Another big problem.... Has that cheap hostel put a ban on all Irish after IRISHMAN's latest bit of bursting??!! Irishman you dog!!
Thanks for all the help, all the info is worthwhile, and all is taken on board.
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02-04-2013 08:29 AM
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