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Working in the Canadian oil sands: 6 figures in 6 months!
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RE: Working in the Canadian oil sands: 6 figures in 6 months!
(02-04-2013 05:35 PM)John Mack Wrote:  
(02-04-2013 04:55 PM)Jourgensen Wrote:  Ok people, i know i must be boring as hell...but i just found out that i have a close relatives (well sort of) in Sydney, Australia, therefore i might get visa over there much easier and off course the weather is much nicer.

Now, i was reading this thread, and if i'm right, these type of jobs (oil/gas industry) are available in Australia as well. Does anyone knows what's going on there? What are the sallaries down there, shifts, is it more difficult to get into this bussines as it is in then let say Edmonton? How far are those fields from Sydney (cause my soon to be wife would be coming with me and we hope we could find her a job in Sydney)?

If anyone knows any of this, please let me know.


Ok this is off topic so will try to keep it short. Maybe you should start a new thread.
Australia has a huge and thriving mining industry, everything from gas to aluminium to nickel to gold. There are the same type jobs there as there are in the Canada sands - fly in out camp type jobs. They're all in remote places so yes far away from Sydney but they fly you from wherever you live so that's not a problem if you base yourself there. Sydney's the nicest city I've ever lived in by a longshot and it has a massive Croatian population. Salaries were big when I was there a few years ago. It was 28 on 7 off though in 35+degree heat so not for pussies. You get used to it though.
Loads of companies hire all year round.
I worked with these guys:
More here :
And there are no 'dry' camps in Oz. The industry would come to a standstill overnight if such a thing was implemented haha. It's just too hot not to have a nice beer or two after work.

How 'bout you start a thread! Smile Same title different location. The same amount of money folks make in Alberta can make in Australia as well through the mining industry. I recall they did a story a few months back about their shortage of labor. One guy already made over a million in earnings in 5 years working the mines....he spent most of it too! Angry BUT, the bright side is others didn't. Smile They had workers from the Phillipines working the mines as well, cause labor is short.
02-04-2013 06:08 PM
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