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Working in the Canadian oil sands: 6 figures in 6 months!
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RE: Working in the Canadian oil sands: 6 figures in 6 months!
Ok this week I said fuck my job I feel like looking for something else. Here's a data sheet on looking for work in Calgary for one day in the trades.


Woke up early, printed off the resumes at Staples then hit the downtown core of contractors listed in this thread at 8:30am. From my experience of one day, two were very nice and tried to help me get a meeting to speak with someone, but people were in meetings. I asked for exactly what Ferro asked for, a fly in fly out job. A couple said "why the fuck are you here?", apply online. Mostly it seemed like the trend was to apply online and wait for a call back.

Hit the union. They were very helpful, told me right now was slow and told me to come back next week to look over my resume and get advice. I said sure but I wanted to do some prospecting today, give me some names I said. Guy gave me some leads.

Then I drove around the various offices of these places to drop off the resumes. I would say a car is highly advantageous to have in Calgary. Doing this without one would add a lot of extra time and effort. I had secretaries smiling at me until they realized I was there to see someone about a "starter" position. Their hamster defence mechanism kicked in. I hit a few walls with "leave your resume, someone will contact you."

I decided to use google and see if I could find some other places hiring. My goal was to see if I could get an offer by the end of the day. I found two, one said "leave resume", the other had me do an interview.

Proj Manager sat me down, went over resume, and asked why I wanted to hit the trades up etc. He brought in another guy, he asked me a few questions, they talked a lot about the work they've been doing. Other guy approved of me and they offered me a job at around 12:30pm. Wage around $20/hour to start me as a 1st year apprentice, but limited overtime work. I'm making more in my job now, so I told them I'd think about it. Their jman rate was around the $38/hour mark.

All in all this is an experience of just one day. I had an offer after doing just 4 hours of prospecting, thanks to the resources in this thread. I think I'm going to be holding out with my job for now and see if I get any call backs next week before I think about making a move on things.

Full disclosure: I dressed nice and didn't look like a piece of shit. I've never done hard labor in my life. I have a car and I have a Bachelor's degree. I only have my WHMIS and Fall Protection.
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