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Working in the Canadian oil sands: 6 figures in 6 months!
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RE: Working in the Canadian oil sands: 6 figures in 6 months!
(02-13-2013 02:22 PM)Bad Hussar Wrote:  
(02-09-2013 03:50 PM)NFallin Wrote:  ...

I had secretaries smiling at me until they realized I was there to see someone about a "starter" position. Their hamster defence mechanism kicked in. I hit a few walls with "leave your resume, someone will contact you."


Great post by the way. What type of companies are you approaching Oil companies like CNRL and Suncor directly? Or agencies that hire on their behalf?

Thank you sir. I was targeting downtown contractors that are heavily involved in the Oil Sands. I'm not sure approaching somebody like Suncor, CNRL, Syncrude, Cenovus would be very beneficial if you're unskilled like I am. They wouldn't even give me a call back when I was graduating from university.

I just accepted a position today as a 1st year electrical apprentice for an Oil and Gas equipment manufacturer. I start tuesday and should gross around 65-70k with some overtime. Banana Mostly I got it because I looked like this when interviewing:
[Image: 825188.jpg]

Haha joking aside...I don't want to scare anyone off from the opportunities here in Alberta but after hitting calgary after last week and then this week hitting everyone up online for labourer, fly in fly out, starter, operator positions I only had two leads. Maybe it's just cause I didn't have some of the certs like H2S alive, first ad, CSTS whatever and am unskilled. I know some trades might be harder to get into than others, and hiring happens at different times in the year so who knows. If you want to grab a trade it's risky for an employer to take you with no skill so you have to convince them otherwise.

But in IME I didn't see that hunger for starters in Calgary. Maybe Edmonton might be better to hit the ground running? But it depends on what you want. This is just my experience after a week of looking and accepting a job. You can do whatever THE FUCK you wanna do!
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