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Working in the Canadian oil sands: 6 figures in 6 months!
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RE: Working in the Canadian oil sands: 6 figures in 6 months!
Okay guys. Here is my report/sheet lol?

First, Thank You Scotian bro.

Okay, so I read this thread in the summer of 2012 and then decided to move out West. By September 2012 I was in Saskatchewan. The second day in Regina I finished H2S Alive and got a basic forklift training license the day after that. The forklift license was a waste of time and money because it didn't really help at all. I got the First Aid license also. I started working in a mall on my 4th day in Regina, Saskatchewan. I kept applying for random jobs with companies on saskjobs and I was getting no replies.

Then I sent my resume to my friend to tweak it for me. I got my resume back with A LOT OF BULLSHT on it and years of experience as a computer technician. My friend copied somebody else's resume and he also added post secondary education and a half way through master's degree with all the details needed to bullsht through an interview. I will not mention the name of the degree or the school lol because I don't want the company to find this in future hehe because if I leave this job before one year term is completed I'll have to pay back all the bonuses. Basically it was somebody else's resume and he just put my name on it lol with my friends' numbers as references.

I started applying again and got a few interviews. I got an interview with a company called Ledcor. I showed up and interview went great. I got offered a job and took it. Can't say the name of the title because I'm pretty sure they could track me down if I mention my position.

Within weeks I was on my way to Saskatoon for training that lasted 3+ months. The company paid for the tickets and the room that I was living in. They paid a LITTLE less than $20/hr for training and a $50/day allowance every day for the duration of the training. It was an awesome experience. I was working in Regina and a position opened up in GTA and I applied for transfer and got back to Ontario just recently.

It was really cold there. It is amazing how I went from being almost totally broke to a fantastic job and they didn't even care about bothering to check my credentials. I memorized a 'facts sheet' my friend included and just kept talking around those points during the interview.

This experience has made me realized that its ALL about luck man. Yes you have to try. I did book a ticket and fly out to Regina with not a lot of money. But it is ALL about luck and who you end up dealing with in your way to the position you want. The people I met with were very nice and accommodating.

Yeah so good luck with you guys. I have to continue to do a lot of reading because I want to know a little about all the things academics since I only have a high school diploma really. And as far as my colleagues in Ontario are concerned I transferred here from Saskatchewan hehe. So yeah man all I can say is WOW and WHOA hehe.

I'll just end this here before it gets too long.

Thanks for the thread again Scotian. And guys go out West.
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