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Working in the Canadian oil sands: 6 figures in 6 months!
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RE: Working in the Canadian oil sands: 6 figures in 6 months!
Hey folks,
it's been a while i didn't write on the forum so i finally quite my job bought my ticket and made the move a month ago from Montreal to Edmonton
first week :
i went couch surfing the first week 1 day in Leduc and moved the 2nd day to Edmonton i had a room lined up for me before moving to Edmonton so i ended up renting the room with the host family , the people i met the first week through friends connections and networking were really cool and helpful
i did my H2S and First aid for around 130$ each then i found out i could have done it for free if only i knew the right person so i ended up doing CSTS , PST, OSSA whmis for free 2 weeks later
i got screwed for my GDL they have different regulations from one province to another i started my drivers's lessons classes in Quebec had few months left before i would have a class 5 they told they don't recognize ''courses'' so i have to start from scratch which will take 12 month to even get a probationary license which SUCKS big time
i started a temp job the 2nd week to pay the bills before started applying in the oil industry, then i had a job after doing insulation
so my advice to the new comers other then the ones that have been mentioned by Scotian, Irishmen , Pitt, Djemba etc

1- you can do your tickets for free instead of paying between 100$-130$ per ticket (if i only knew that before coming)
2 weeks before you come you need to call one of Alberta's employment agencies Bissel i.e or (access emploi if you speak french) book an appointment with a counselor as soon as you get here it takes 45 min tell him you want to work in the oil industry he'll write you a paper to give to the institution which covers the fees
2- i know this has been said before but you NEED to buy a car asap , i can't tell you guys how shitty the public transit system is
if you don't have a valid driver's license like me you are fucked big time lol ....but here are some tips to help
download ETS planner on ur phone , the bus 590 goes to Nisku and Leduc peak hours only at 6am and starting from 5pm to 7pm from mon to Fri only
if you have experience apply online sometimes it take the whole day just to go for 2 interviews using the bus
3-stay away from placement agencies they usually have temp work for 1 day or 2 and ill send everybody home once they are done with you cleaning shit in some warehouse
4-the most important thing is
if you do an interview and the recruiter tells you that you are hired but they will call you to tell when you are gonna start do not stop looking for a job( i can't believe how unprofessional some of the HR people in some companies when dealing with labourers
even in other not related big companies like Rogers and Bell etc ) the reasons why i said this is , first they are in hiring process if they find someone more qualified he's gonna get your job second sometimes they want to prepare candidates for a job that will start in 2 month i.e
so you have 2 options either keep looking for a job if you find something better go for it , or tell them to sign a job confirmation and give it to the Alberta employment agency and you can get welfare for it until you start which i don't recommend
i know people who had job offers and never started and i got screwed once i got the job, i did the background check , all the interviews and the day when i went to sign for the drug test she told me the order from the company got canceled and they don't need any employees for now , one other time the guy told me to wait a day and after the meeting he'll call me back for the starting date , he got transferred to Calgary i called back ended up starting 2 weeks later for a shitty job in the middle of nowhere

so finally the entire move is up to you it can go both ways depends on your qualifications, experience, the time of the year you make the move and especially meeting the right person (recruiter) at the right time

not having a car or a valid DL i feel like i'm already not qualified for 80% of the jobs on sites , rigs etc

for the guys who are planning on moving this video sums up pretty much life in Alberta haha
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