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Working in the Canadian oil sands: 6 figures in 6 months!
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Risks, opportunities, import/export

I'm curious to know what opportunities would be like for someone who did something like this:

1. Showed up in an entry level or semi-experienced position - anywhere/anything really, but probably more physical labor.

2. Networked with managers, colleagues, workers, and small/medium sized contractors. Learned the wide range of components and tools required in a range of scenarios - from the transport to the oil extraction to the health/safety/environmental area.

3. Learned what parts frequently break, are significantly overpriced, and/or strongly in demand but not easily found.

4. Begin importing products/goods/tools into the Alberta sands area in specialized niche products that are specific to what teams need in the end to end sands extraction process

5. Start on a small scale and establish trust as a go-to-guy who can source/procure in Asia/China for the medium to long term. Spend time seasonally bouncing between Shenzhen and Alberta - 3 months China, 3 months Canada, and so on and so forth.

6. Launch a sourcing venture specific to procuring these specific niche oil sands equipment and tools that are unique to the conditions, demands, and contractors in the oil sands field. Develop a reputation as a trusted and reasonably priced procurement/sourcing provider who has insider knowledge and practical experience using the sourced goods in question.

7. Manage supplier and client relationships.


To guys who have done the Alberta oil sands experience - what sorts of risks, opportunities, obstacles etc do you see coming up for a situation like this?

Any feedback you can provide would be much appreciated.

Simultaneously, if you fit this profile, are currently working in the oil sands, and are interested in a potential joint venture then send me a private message.

Thank you.

03-16-2013 06:58 AM
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