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Working in the Canadian oil sands: 6 figures in 6 months!
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RE: Working in the Canadian oil sands: 6 figures in 6 months!
....continued: So the next day I wake up hungover and meet the boys for brunch and Bob informs me that there's a big concert in some butt-fuck town called "Cadillac Saskatchewan", about 60 kms away. The main act was "Corb Lund and the Hurtin' Albertans", they're actually quite popular, for you guys who aren't familiar with them (I sure wasn't), this is their most popular song:

So we take the work truck and drive down to Cadillac and go inside the community hall at around 10pm and the show was on and the place was packed. Red necks from miles around came all the way to Cadillac (population, 100 people) for the big show and it was actually pretty good, Bob and I were pounding beers and by the time the show was over we were both pretty drunk, I went to piss and when I came back, the fucker was nowhere to be seen. Everyone was leaving the place and they were shutting it down so I went out to the work truck to see if he was there, he wasn't but it was open and the dumb fucker just left the keys inside. It was November on the Canadian prairies so the temperature was quite cold, probably around -15, so I started up the truck to keep warm and eventually fell asleep.

A couple of hours later, Bob shows up, opens the driver side door and wakes me up by screaming "what are you doing you little fucker, no sleeping allowed", in his arms he has a big paper bag and I ask him what the fuck he's doing. "I got a 40 of vodka and some orange juice from the bootlegger, lets get drunk!" He takes out the bottle and its already half gone, I turned down his kind offer of more booze and thought to myself "this guys is a maniac, I can't believe I'm in this situation right now."

I was already drunk and done for the night, I just wanted to go home but he was fucking wasted and we were 60 kms from our motel, in the middle of nowhere. So I ask him what the fuck are we gonna do, I"m too drunk to drive and he's even drunker, then he tells me "I have an aunt and uncle who live around here somewhere, lets go sleep at their place".

So there we are at 2am driving drunk as fuck (I've still yet to be a passenger in a vehicle driven by someone that drunk) down these rural Saskatchewan roads in a huge Ford F-350 truck loaded up with at least $50K worth of work gear. He almost put it in the ditch a few times and was all over the road, I was shitting my pants. Of course, he had a hard time finding his uncle's place, as he hadn't seen the guy in about ten years.

He ends up going into a few different houses and knocking on their doors at 3am, I thought for sure we were going to get shot by some pissed off farmer, but the people were actually very nice and his uncle is well known so they gave us directions. Of course since he's so drunk, we take wrong turns and he has to go back to other random farm houses to get directions.

Finally at around 5am we arrive at his family's house and they welcome us in, I head to sleep right away and we wake up at around 9am and his aunt (she's around 70) cooks us breakfast. We then head out into his uncle's cow pasture to check out the Angus cows he raises and Bob and his uncle engage in some farm talk jargon which I don't understand.

So we survived and I worked with Bob for another three weeks or so before we were finished for the year. I ended up getting laid off from that company too and had to move up to Edmonton, where I ended up for another year. I worked in town and was home every night for almost a year until I headed up to Fort Mac for my first oil sands gig and the drama continued for the next three years.......

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04-10-2013 08:56 PM
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