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Working in the Canadian oil sands: 6 figures in 6 months!
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RE: Working in the Canadian oil sands: 6 figures in 6 months!
The Good

I figured since I’ve been here for about three quarters of a year, it was time to do a little review of how things have been thus far in the great white, cold north of the industrial launch off city to Canada’s oil sands. The only metro area over 1 million this far north in North America.

When I arrived here, I came with the clothes on my back, a car, and a couple of thousand in cash.

I crashed on the couch of a family friend, and contacted another who promptly helped me find employment within 2 days of being here. The requirements of the job were essentially “can you pass a drug test?”

Easy right? Wrong!

The first time being sent to a site; large, industrial, heavy machinery was being hauled around, erected, disassembled, and moved again.

Essentially it was something that looks like a scene out of command and conquer red alert. I was grossly unprepared. The boss knew I was unprepared. I got a gig where I sat around all day for a few days. Everything seemed daunting, climbing on the roof of a floating structure using a rickety ladder, watching overhead and low hanging wires at all times while diligently working away.

Constant communication with co-workers to make sure they and I remain safe, and most importantly, everything must be done fast! Very fast!

My advice for newbies especially those hailing from non industrial backgrounds is simple.

Keep your shoulders busy, move faster, never stop, and have a purpose. Don’t walk around looking clueless. That slow lethargic walk you have around the office from the water cooler to the cubicle on Monday morning? Fuck that, you better not do that on an oil site; your ass will get thrown off, as we call it, “skidded”. Thinking several steps ahead is tantamount to you remaining employed in this industry. Moving several steps faster is paramount to you getting called on the next big contract with your employer. Doing it all reliably is what gets you moving up quicker into a trade.

All that being said, once you have speed, thought, energy and decisiveness down to a science, and it all becomes second nature, the work can become a bit more routine. This is where different trades, sites, foreman and site superintendents all diverge in terms of approach to a task or a project.

There are different rotations offered, every company has a different way of doing things. Each individual foreman likes different approaches.

Diligently do what’s asked of you, as long as it’s safe, do it quick, and you should be fine. You’ll make good impressions. If someone doesn’t like you for another reason (personality, and/or a non work related reason), fuck them. You’ll meet plenty of assholes in the industry.

The Bad

Which brings me to my next point. The assholes, idiots, drunks, crack heads, weirdos, bikers, biker cowboys, Nazis, Somali gangsters, Jamaican gangsters, rich kids, angry drunk natives, angry drunk white guys, butch female dykes, ex-cons, know it all’s, know nothings, conspiracy theorists, juice monkeys, and pretty much anything under the fucking sun.

The majority of people you’ll work with in the prairies are cowboys and farmer’s kids. Fort Mac is a bit different as it’s more diverse. There are more Atlantic Canadian workers there, and lots of Somalians/Philipinos. But my job takes me all over the place, and I’ve thus so far avoided the heaven on earth we call Fort Mac. Where we fuck mother nature in the asshole for money. And there’s plenty of it too. This one is charged to the game.

The shifts can be daunting. Working for 21/6 for example, takes you for a 21-day ride out of town. You’re working 21 days in butt fuck nowhere. Then you come home for 6 days, and try to chase whatever pussy your dick can get wet on. It’s a constant battle. You have 6 days to catch a fish (or a whale, or bear depending on your type). Date her, wine her, game her, bang her, and off you go back. This is not easy, I bet even seasoned players would have trouble doing it this way. When I arrived here from the now infamous Toronto, I was on a high at the time. Good job, nice place off Ossington, easy 9-5, suited up daily, GQ to the sock.

Then I hit up the big Dead-Monton. It a shock to the system. The days of clubbing on Monday night were over. After my first shift in butt fuck nowhere, I decided to hit up a bar on Wednesday. Flopped. It was shit, empty; the girls were frumpy, and just as cliquey as Toronto’s. Albeit friendlier. But friendly bitches don’t get dicks wet now do they? Came home and ranted on the roosh forum about how terrible it was. This place was already sucking the life out of me, and I was only here for 2 days.

Second night I decided to hit a up another random spot. Walked in late, grabbed a drink, solo dolo, approached a 6 foot blonde, 2 hours later, I was in my place fucking her. That was fast.

That relaxed me and I solo gamed the rest my remaining days off in bars, I was approached quite often and girls would ask “why are you alone?”. Ended up fucking quite a bit that first week.

But then, another 21 days came by pretty fast. Another 21 days of no ass, no tits, no pussy. Just drunken, coked out tradesmen. Belligerent, intoxicated, and damn good at everything related to work, but none related to pussy. You don’t get better at gaming women talking to drunken welders all day.

After finishing up that shift, it was another scramble to find ass in 6 days off. Same story, solo dolo, approaching anything that has a vagina and gets the dick hard. These are tough times, because it becomes a mad scramble to do everything all at once in town, and find pussy too.

Eventually the notches once again come, but they’re getting harder. Already lost all the ones from the previous 21 days as girls aren’t interested at sitting around by themselves while you’re away working. They’ll find other dick. Especially if you haven’t shacked them up in an LTR. If I had a 1000km cock I’d keep them satisfied long distance.

Once again 21 days approach, once again, the story repeats. See a pattern? This will be your life if you’re making big dollars out of town. There are local projects, on call work, 5-2 shifts (basically 9-5 mon-fri), but the big money, that comes from doing out of town rotations. They pay more because you’re working longer overtime, and you’re out of town away from everything. Being out of town gets boring fast. Good luck gaming pussy. Sanity? Your days of sanity are over. Get a good book.

The Aesthetically less than pleasing

Which brings me to my third point. When out of town drive your quality of women down over time, especially when you get really horny. I’ve lucked out with my pursuits, but there are definitely dragons I would’ve slayed if I had logistics in place.

Every once in a while, you being an awesome male who’s got game, good bankroll, is smart, and stands above the drunken belligerent competition will find a girl who falls for you hard. She’ll please you, tease you, cook for you, and keep your cock warm in those cold winter months. The LTR, the winter shack down, hell, you two shouldn’t even be going out. You’re better than her, but guess what, chasing pussy from November – March when it’s -35C outside daily gets daunting.

The legend of Virgle Kent (the most solid game blog by far in the sphere) wrote thoroughly about the subject:

Quote: I have urges. It’s a Thursday night and I don’t want to play the game. I don’t want to ask how her week is going, how her day was, what’s new with work. I don’t want to wait for the salmon and asparagus to finish cooking. I don’t want to pour the cheap wine and relax, not tonight. I just want to hurry up and get inside of her; I just want to be inside of someone and not feel alone. This girl, she’s not about that life, she’s not running around town concerned with dating multiple guys and free dinners. I can tell she’s worried about us, what we’re doing, where all this is going. She knows deep down inside she can’t ever be my girl, I’ll never date her, and I’ll keep her at arm’s length. She’ll figure out the pattern and decide she wants more of a commitment.

Quote:Winter is coming and unless you travel to an Eastern European city or live in a college town/ University where you have a never ending supply of hot women that you can leave your house and pick from then you know how rough its about to get. Right now in DC and other big cities the number of attractive girls to sleep with is slowly decreasing every weekend. As nature intended they are slowly finding other men and pairing off for the winter. By early December all that will be left in my city is garbage time. Nothing barely over a 6. The chances of going back to your place with a girl who has hairy legs connected to an even hairier bush will increase.

If you’re reading a “game” blog that’s convincing you that you’re not getting laid because the Mexicans, blacks, IQ level disparities, Islam in Europe, Feminism, globalization, or aliens from Pluto, close that shit. It’s making you stupid and it’s ruining your game.

Read some, you’ll need a positive attitude in this industry if you’re to keep your sanity.

All in all moving out to Alberta is something that I encourage as long as you know what’s in store. That’s why I posted this, a bit more of a ‘ground’ report of a guy who likes getting laid, making money, and building a career while simultaneously trying to enjoy the unholy union between the three.

Good luck to anyone making the move.
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