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Working in the Canadian oil sands: 6 figures in 6 months!
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RE: Working in the Canadian oil sands: 6 figures in 6 months!
(06-09-2013 11:47 PM)RossTan Wrote:  
(06-09-2013 09:01 PM)Sandbagger Wrote:  Hi there,

I just wanted to know a few things, and gain a bit of understanding after reading through the thread multiple times.....

I'm used to logging long hours and working hard, its what I like to do...

What would be the best time of the year to make the move to Alberta, I really don't want to make the move then end up stuck in the off season.

Sorry for the bombardment of questions and explanations, thanks in advance! Looking forward to joining to community and being a part of it!


Dude, quit being lazy and quit lying! Angry You DID NOT read the thread multiple times! Your specific question about timing has been answered at least 5 times through out the pages of this thread!

P.S. My opinion, two consecutive years of school for welding WITHOUT getting PAID work experience is a waste of time and money! Pre-employment for welding and fitting, ideally, is 6 months or less, to get you working right away to log your hours to become a Journeyman., You spend 2 years in school it better be for Instrumentation Tech, Petroleum Engineer, NOT 2 years in a class for Welding and Fitting.

Hey Ross,

Sorry if it seemed like I rubbed you the wrong way, I did read through the thread multiple times, I really should have taken more notes on when to look for work.

The two years is not sitting in a class room, Most of the work is done in the school shop, which is brand new and quite nice. The thing is it is not a waste of money as Scotian explained, Its free, minus a few minor expenses, what they offer there compared to any other school in the area. Also, for the moment I don't have the means to pay for a pre employment course which runs a couple grand and move out for a few months while paying rent. For my situation its the best option

Thanks Scotian, Been eyeing the program and its definitely what I want to do after at least a year in something welding related and then take

Also, I noticed there hasn't been very much talk about drilling, i've seen talks about well servicing and MWD but really not much on the actual drilling. I'm suprised no one has mentioned License to Drill on Discovery.
06-10-2013 08:08 PM
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