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Working in the Canadian oil sands: 6 figures in 6 months!
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RE: Working in the Canadian oil sands: 6 figures in 6 months!
(07-07-2013 01:53 PM)MiddleEastern Wrote:  You have NOT read every single page on this thread! Angry Skimming is NOT reading. Dodgy Take notes as you read, your question has already been answered. If you're serious about this, laziness is NOT an option in this endeavor.

It is kind of different for me. I graduated from a Canadian university with an engineering degree. Trust me laziness is not in any one's repertoire if they make it here from across the country. I talked to several employment councilors they told me H2S Alive, CSTS, First Aid and CPR will not boost your employment prospects in the oilfield, because companies will make you redo them anyway, specially if you're an engineer. My plan was to take these courses and hit the pavement like other guys, but right now I am pretty much swinging whether to take these courses or not, because they're not cheap!

Which University in Canada did you attend so I can advise all of my friends not to send their kids there?!!! Which Engineering field is your degree in? Do you have any internship experience?

I am not trying to rain on your parade, but damn! Let this be a lesson to everyone that when you are choosing a University, make sure you research the "ALUMNI AND CAREER SERVICES DEPT" so that you have a solid understanding of what you are getting yourself into. You are paying money to a university because you are "BUYING" into their network so that you can reach out to their alumni for a job!!! This is why people in the states go to Texas A&M, UT Austin, and Colorado School of Mines. These schools can almost guarantee their students job placements upon graduation.

Here is what you can do to try and fix your situation. If I were you and had an Engineering degree, I would apply to Halliburton's "Field Operations Professional" program. This program is a "fast track" program to managment for people who have "any" 4 year college degree, and an engineering degree is a plus. Here is the website:

Just type in Field Operations Professional where it states "Enter Search Terms" and then leave all of the other fields blank "except" for "Country" where you will need to enter Canada. I just did this and tons of jobs came back. You should also type in "Entry Level" and that will return you tons of entry level field positions. I would not be too choosey as you need a job. Just apply for everything and make sure you emphasize your engineering degree.

I would also go to websites for Weatherford International, Cameron, Schlumberger, and Baker Hughes. Type in Entry Level and Canada. These service companies are always looking for engineers and people with 4 year degrees. You should also take the advice of another poster on here who suggested that you go to and create a profile and then search for companies I have mentioned above. Try to reach out to the HR Managers at these companies and tell them that you have an engineering degree and are willing to take any entry level field job they have. You are late to the party and need to just get a job so you can start earning experience.
07-08-2013 12:07 AM
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