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Working in the Canadian oil sands: 6 figures in 6 months!
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RE: Working in the Canadian oil sands: 6 figures in 6 months!
(08-04-2013 10:58 PM)RossTan Wrote:  Hey folks, this is very significant for those in the TRADES and wanting to get into the trades! Big Grin
What does this mean? It means pipeline jobs for folks who don't want to move to Alberta. This is gonna be huge! Simultaneous construction in each Canadian Province this pipeline goes through! Big Grin They definitely are gonna be ramping up on recruiting Apprentices, Labourers, and Journeymen to get on this. Smile Welding, Pipefitting, heavy equipment operators, q.c. inspectors, caterers, truck drivers, fabrication shops will probably be busy on this too. Smile

"TransCanada Corp gave the green light to building a $12-billion oil pipeline to ship Canada’s Western oil sands crude to refiners on its east coast and beyond, scaling up the project as its U.S.-bound Keystone XL line remains stalled in Washington."

This is huge news and a great project for Canada, I'm actually looking at buying a house in Saint John, New Brunswick as an investment, I'm going to check some out when I go back home in a month or so to visit my family in Halifax. You can get a decent house in Saint John for $120-150K and with this Alberta oil flowing down east, there'll be lots of construction jobs during the refinery expansion down there, they may even build a new refinery, Irving was going to build one in partnership with oil giant BP a few years ago but they mothballed it.

One of the biggest concerns for projects like this will be the skilled labour shortage, there's so much work going on out west and with things picking up down east, employers will be scrambling for skilled hands and likely paying higher wages and adding incentives, as they're already doing now.

For any of you guys still thinking about making the move to Alberta to get into resource work, either a skilled trade or on the rigs, its still a great time to do so and you can end up with a great career anywhere in Canada.

Here's some jobs, outside of the oil sands that are on the go now:

British Colombia: The small coastal town of Kitimat is blowing up big time with LNG projects, oil terminals and the expansion of an existing aluminum smelter, tons of work there:

Alberta: This is self explanatory, tons of work there.

Saskatchewan: I'm currently working in the mini-Fort Mac boom town of Estevan, tons of work here, they have coal mines, a huge coal fired electrical plant (which is also the site of the largest carbon capture project in the world, currently being built: , they also have a lot of rig work here so the town is full of oil field service guys such as frackers.

Ontario/Quebec: Some of mine work here and pulp mills but things are bad in Ontario, as I've noticed over the past couple of years, there's lots of guys moving out west because there's not a lot going on in places like Toronto and the rest of southern Ontario. Quebec is ramping up on their Plan du Nord, but you'd have to speak French to work there.

New Brunswick: As I mentioned this refinery expansion and pipeline will bring a lot of work to Saint John, especially if they build another refinery (my fingers are crossed!).

Nova Scotia: Not a lot going on there yet, most of my friends are still working out of province but there's two big construction jobs coming up, Muskrat Falls and the a 30 year, $25 billion dollar ship building contract that the Halifax ship yard was awarded:

Newfoundland: This place is busy as hell right now, lots going on with the Long Harbour nickel processing plant, which is being built right now and they have tons of offshore oil work there, Statoil just found a pretty big oil field there a few weeks ago:

Anyway, there's work everywhere in Canada in a variety of resource related industries, Alberta is still the best bet for a guy to move to and start his career, but I wanted to show how there's opportunities elsewhere if you ever get sick of living on the Prairies, which I am, fuck Estevan, haha!

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08-05-2013 09:23 AM
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