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Working in the Canadian oil sands: 6 figures in 6 months!
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RE: Working in the Canadian oil sands: 6 figures in 6 months!
(08-11-2013 07:44 PM)RossTan Wrote:  Screw the brother hood if you got a coke head running a heavy equipment while you're working on site. Some things warrant DISOWNING a family member! Angry They know the rules, they break 'em, they are adult enough to live with the consequences. That's called being a grown up. If they aren't ready for that, they shouldn't be in Trade work.

No snitchin policy only protects the violators, not the victims. Allows the violators to act with impunity. F*ck that! Angry Sites can get shut-down for people being negligent with safety. A site shut down means NO WORK, NO CASH FLOW! So think about that before letting violations slide.

Stand up for something or be walked on like a doormat. Nothing manly about not standing up for what's right. It's more beta to go along to get along than have conviction to stand up for what's right. Frankly, if one is so scared about losing a job by reporting a violation then that's a fool, in my opinion. No one should put themselves in a position where they feel they can't walk away. That's how you get turned out. Tongue Might as well put on a pair of heels and a skirt, and stand on a street corner.

If you got an incompetent Safety Co-ordinator, find another crew or company to work with. Can't enjoy the fruits of your labour when you're in the hospital or dead, due to an unsafe work site.

Try working on the oil patch with this mentality. You'll get eaten alive.

I get what you're saying: safety isn't something to fuck around with. But when you got a family back home that you gotta feed and bills that rely only on your salary to be cleared, job security is a very important thing. It means letting some shit slide for the sake of keeping your job, and keeping your crew tight with you. The guys you work with, over time, become your boys. They also got families to feed and bills to pay. To fuck their job over because you ratted on them gets you blacklisted, not to mention getting sliced and diced by your co-workers for being a punk-ass rat and then eventually getting the boot. Have fun looking for work with your tunnel-visioned safety ethics after that.

That's your crew. You see these people more than your family.

I think you're blowing the whole 'unsafe worksite' thing out of proportion. Some of these 'violations' that occur on a daily basis are really not a big deal. The guys know not to be a dumbass on site, and if you are, you get called out real quick and told to fuck off with that bullshit. Simple as that.
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