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Working in the Canadian oil sands: 6 figures in 6 months!
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RE: Working in the Canadian oil sands: 6 figures in 6 months!
(09-06-2013 07:57 PM)RossTan Wrote:  You make 70K a year, and don't have a reliable vehicle? Wow! Just plain wow. "LMAO at all of this." Well, keep on laughing then. If you don't have a reliable car, in my opinion, you have no business paying your mother's mortgage. Usually that's how folks end up broke. Taking care of other people who should be taking care of themselves...hmm, which would explain your current situation of not having a reliable car, yet making 70K a year. Dodgy

Paying mortgages is what renting out rooms is for. Why doesn't she have tenants paying down the mortgage? Like I said prior. If you don't know what to do with 70K, a 100K, 250K isn't gonna matter. You'll be in the same predicament. Stretching, instead of growing. Banana

And now you don't care what SHE, (fiancee) does, it's her choice...well then, why are you making future plans with this woman! Seriously? That's a contradiction.

You got the advice of a lot of people on this forum. If your mindset is "can't get ahead without money." and "I'll disregard advice to work in a fab shop, or learn to drive heavy equipment, start my own engineering firm, or keep all my options open," Well, dude, good luck to you. You were disingenuous with posting that you are willing to get your hands dirty. If you don't know how to leverage what you have...well, like I said, good luck. Smile

There's always that one person on each forum who's the (sel-proclaimed) know it all. You seem to be that person. Like I said, circumstances and situations are what they are; I have zero need to provide you with personal details, so I'll leave it there. I live a comfortable life, I would like to live an exceptionally comfortable life. This is not for you to question, as I never asked you to help me decide how to live. Again, thanks.....but no thanks.

Back to my original query - MWD, does anyone have any additional information on this, specific to companies based in and around Edmonton. I would like to either fly or drive out at the beginning of October, but from what it seems there aren't many job postings or opportunities ATM. I don't think I'd have an issue with getting either a green drilling position or a trainee MWD job, it's more so the leads. I do have a list of drilling companies that I plan on applying to, more info is always good though.

Also, I'd like to start working ASAP - so I will take the first decent opportunity presented (whether it be drilling, service or even a decent paying PM/Purchasing/Engineering position in O&G). I'd hope to have my WHMIS, PST, H2S Alive and First Aid within my first week and start working very shortly there after - how realistic is that? I've read that hiring is ramping up, but does that mean that so is work? I rather work for a few more weeks here and collect a guaranteed cheque than have to wait around and do lesser paying work for 2 weeks to a month in Edmonton until I get "called up".

09-07-2013 11:46 AM
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