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Working in the Canadian oil sands: 6 figures in 6 months!
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RE: Working in the Canadian oil sands: 6 figures in 6 months!
A short uptade about my situation now. I stayed the first day at my Couchsurfing Host's place and he found me a nice room for 530$, today i moved in. Everything included, convinient location and no deposit required. The big downside is, no guests allowed, which sucks.
But i don't waste money for hostels and i don't loose time looking for a place anymore. Commuting is really time consuming here without a vehicle.

As promised my infos about Well Testing. I gathered all informations from the big oil Thread at It's a MUST READ.

I can post a list of 30 Well Testing Companies with a few informations if you want

(09-08-2013 07:23 AM) Wrote:  testing isn't to bad of a job, it's not the highest paying in the patch but when you become a night sup/day sup you can make alot of money. If you are smart and catch on quick it doesnt take long. And when you run your own truck you can pretty much double your check.

if anyone is looking for oil field work thats not the rigs . i would suggest well testing . i sit out here all day and flow wells , only took 6 months to a year to move up to supervisor. not much hard labour at all and the pay is the same if not better .. once you get supervising . you can gross between 6000 and 9000 every 2 weeks.. starting wages are about 200$ daily...for a helper..lots of companies looking

when you start testing your a bitch for about 2000-2500 every two weeks compared to something like being a bitch on a rig for 3500-4000 every two weeks. But when you become a night sup with your own truck you can net 5000-6500 every two weeks.

I'd advise anyone who comes out here to get a year experience on a service rig, learn what everything is all about, then go be a well tester, buy a pickup, kick your feet up, watch other people do hard work, and watch nice paychecks roll in.

If you are looking for a good paying job that advances fairly quickly i would say testing. If your smart within a year you can be running nights. Depends on the company and how much they like you though

no schedule for well testing, if your vessel is working, you are working unless you ask for days off
$200 a day + $50 sub for a tester hand, pretty sucky

tester work along side the rig, we help with well control when working with the rig and flowing it after the rig work is completed, physically easier work and I feel advancement is quicker. The pay scale can be very high depending on your skill set in the field.
Depending on who you're working for and what kind of line they run, you might get stuck with a few lengths of heavier pipe. You won't need to lift much for any length of time, and you might end up with a good crew who will help but you should show up with the expectation of possible having to lift pretty heavy pipe on occasion. The good thing is once you lift the heavy pipe, you can go and sit your ass down in a shack for hours at a time with the only the commitment of running to the P-tank for readings ever once in a while.
if you got a messed up back your gonna want to go to a smaller testing company. we have 220 lbs 10ft joints that we use for 5K, i am not sure how much our 10k line ways but i have carried both and there is definatly a huge difference.
Plus with a smaller p-tank company you only have a couple hours of rig in time, where bigger companies which do high pressure, high sour can take 2-4 days to rig in depending on the amount of equipment.
once you become night or day sup you will make just as much or more than rig drillers and sometimes pushes depending on your wage and how much you work.

Consultants would nearly triple that take home. When you factor your day rate, truck rate, km and sub it adds up very quickly. (clear 15k on 2 weeks)
The helper can make anywheres from 2-3000 every two.

I still hang out with my rig crew from 4 years ago and I make more then the driller more times then not, on top of that I work year round.
I clear 10k per month (5 years experience) working nearly every day.
I do alright, granted if you look at supervisors for other services I am under paid.

Enseco's Truck rate for sups:
$75.00 Per day when on ticket
$00.95 Per KM reg
$01.15 Per KM towing. I normally never get any towing, day sup tows the shack and we always have a free standing stick.

Testing is not that bad of a job, we knock it because we can't leave it lol. We control the flow of a well through our equipment for various reasons, rather it be to gather data on a freshly stimulated well or to assist other services to service a well. We are expected to know how every service works, and what they will need for assistance. Its a good job, if you want a job to see what all the other services do then testing is the way to go, in many cases we are first to show up to a job and last to leave.

A starting helper at a busy company would make $30,000 - 50000 a yr. More if it is really busy. Some helpers I know will probably pull 60k or more this year.
Night operators clear anywheres from $80,000 - to $130,000 depending on how busy.
I've seen day guys gross as much as $205,000 a yr takes 6 years to get here

I just turned down a Operating job at a gas plant.....I'm not sure if I did the right thing. Eddymac you need to apply for an Operating job. (after few years of Well Testing)

A hand starting out Testing will make 220-240 per day in the field. Weather that day be 2 hours or 14 hours. You will get 40-50 day day subsistence, that is tax free if you are not staying in your house. Which you never will. We pay hands 15/hr for shop time, non field days.

Another guy is Field operator for talisman energy after 6 years Well testing
09-08-2013 01:26 PM
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