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Working in the Canadian oil sands: 6 figures in 6 months!
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RE: Working in the Canadian oil sands: 6 figures in 6 months!
man you guys are getting confused with terminologies and different areas of the oil patch. If you want to understand the industry more suggest you pickup a book that outlines the structure of the oil industry, check this site out:

fort mac =/= drilling

Drilling jobs are mostly around alberta in cities like red deer where holes can be drilled for crude oil or natural gas that can eventually be turned into operations. After the wells have been drilled and if there's a good amount of reserves they get hooked up to pumpjacks and/or storage tanks or linked to pipelines that go into plants. A lot of it is natural gas that's piped up into huge refineries and chemical plants around the major cities in Alberta of Red Deer, Edmonton, and Calgary.

Fort MacMurray is the staging grounds and in the center of the athabasca oilsands where bitumen is originally surface mined, there's no drilling; they get giant excavators to dig out thousands of tons of dirt. It's then brought to upgraders and refineries where it's processed into Western Canada Select (WCS). This is where a lot of the good jobs are, because the sand NEEDS to be processed into heavy/light crude.

The main form of huge employment is from the energy service industry, the major ones have HQ in either edmonton or calgary which often have structured hiring programs. You can still get jobs through walk ins, but if you want an easier time you should drive to outlying towns like Edson, Red Deer, Wetwaskin, Grande Prairie, etc. Also you have to understand for hiring each Branch is DIFFERENT! Just because the Edmonton office isn't hiring doesn't mean the one in Edson or Calgary isn't.

People deciding on the move should read the thread on in it's entirety and NOT skim.

Also you better get your ass over here ASAP! if you want to catch the hiring bonanza before it ends in September if your looking for industrial work, it slows down but hiring will be strong. Hiring for industrial tradesmen working for refineries and oilsands operations is Big in Fall & Spring, whereas for drilling it starts going REALLY strong when the ground freezes around October.

I hope that clears things up about hiring seasons and the oil patch.
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