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Working in the Canadian oil sands: 6 figures in 6 months!
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RE: Working in the Canadian oil sands: 6 figures in 6 months!
Good to hear you're heading back VC, it's been a long time coming.

The guys on here have already outlined pretty much everything that needs to be done, Hi Hostel for contacts and lodging, hitting the pavement, and getting that car if you're going to be hitting up Nisku/Leduc/and the remaining industrial parks. If you luck out, some places will have some sort of ride sharing, or may be within a bus stop distance, that's a big if, but certainly possible.

I'll spit a bit about how it's gone down for me since and what anyone moving out here needs to watch for.

Last time we met up I was working non stop more or less. The week we met up I was on one of my 7 days off, and was then off to embark on a 45 day work period (with no days off in between, except the customary forced day off since law states you can't work that long without a day off).

I made money, in fact I made more out of town in those 45 days than I'd made in 4 months in Toronto. When I came back to town in December, my general feeling was:

[Image: tumblr_m7l9ipgLk51rqp15oo1_500.gif]

The industry has a major slowdown from mid to end to December to end of January. And I sat on my ass all that time. This was expected and since I was exhausted I was glad to take all that time off.

Thus started the restaurants, the partying (without the coke/crack, stay away from that shit it'll ruin your life!), the local travelling (banff, Jasper, etc), more eating out and restaurants, and the circle revolved until the begninning of February when I finally went back to work.

By then, the money had run out. I'm not talking about starving, or being totally out. The general rule should be 2 months of living expenses in your savings account at all times no matter what happens.

But for making so much in such a short burst, I certainly should have had quite a fat amount in the bank at the time. I didn't. I was back to base level of slightly above 2-3 months safety funds. Poor decisions:

The moral of the spiel is, the seasonal nature of the industry means you'll make tons of cash in bursts, then you'll sit for a bit, and repeat. My mistake was spending like I was still working 12 months straight in Toronto while I'm really working 9-10 months per year or less, and in semester like sequences.

Budgeting becomes absolutely tantamount to a healthy savings account. Living from paycheque to paycheque isn't really what we came to Alberta for after all. It's to build a fat stack to have for a rainy day, a business, travel, property investment, and other non frivolous activities.

After getting back to work in February, and rapidly rebuilding my account. I went through one more cycle of pissing money away on an out of country holiday in April.

[Image: tumblr_m06wgdtFqK1qg1srw.gif]

Fun as fuck, but expensive.

After doing up my taxes for the year, and seeing how much I made, and how much I've pissed away, I buckled down and began recording every single expense in a spreadsheet similar to the one Roosh made in this post:

Since then I've rebuilt the account above base level of the standard few months of survival and hope to keep it there barring any extraneous or unexpected major catastrophes or expenses.

Budgeting here is so important, far more than back out east where each month you're guaranteed X amount and you work based on that. Here you may get one paycheque of $4000, then $2000, $1000, then nothing for a month, then maybe $5000 in one shot, and so on.

And one more thing is, the booze here is much cheaper than in Toronto, which creates an interesting effect. While spending less per night out, during the summer sometimes I'd go out up to 4 times a week, and it adds up fast. So fast in fact that I spent more out here than in Toronto. Which meant cheaper booze = more money spent. That's another Edmonton trap. Those beers for $3-4 add up much faster than $7 brews in Toronto.

That's it in a nutshell. Watch that money like it's a short skirt with a nice tan walking down Whyte ave.
09-19-2013 11:33 AM
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