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Working in the Canadian oil sands: 6 figures in 6 months!
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RE: Working in the Canadian oil sands: 6 figures in 6 months!
(09-12-2013 08:23 AM)Jourgensen Wrote:  Help help help!!

Ok, here's the deal fellas. As i said, my pal works somewhere in Norwegian waters on a off shore platform as a chief electrician. Finally went out for a dinner with him last night. And here's the deal. He says there's great chance in hiring me for a basic positions (rostaabout, roughneck or whatever) but everyone is asking for at least minimum expirience, so therefore we made a conclusion that the best solution is to lie, i.e. to write bunch of bullshit in my CV. Now, he's not sure how we should manage that. How much should we lie? Are they checking every damn thing in CV? Should we lie that i also have all those safety, medical courses (it's difficult for me to travel from Croatia to Great Britain to get em if i'm still not sure will i get a job or not, and it's expensive as well). Please anyone who were in similiar situation, or knows anything about it, help and give a few hints!!

Honestly the best advice is already here. Get out to where the hiring happens, get at least basic safety certs, apply in person. Yes it costs money, yes its far, but some of the best rewards in life come from taking a risk. Its out there, but you basically need to get real lucky to find a company who will shoulder 100% of the risk for you, sight unseen.

Not trying to sound like a dick, but right now you're a continent away, no experience, and don't even know if you're fit for the job (turnover for these jobs is huge due to lifestyle, hence the attractive pay). Why should an employer take a chance on you? Fly you out, spend thousands of dollars on courses and pay, only to have you quit a month in? Not saying you will, but saying that story has happened a hundred times, even after people put up all the money for flights and courses themselves.

If you want to work Norwegian North Sea, I'd also probably not bother trying to lie your way in. Smaller land operators you could probably get away with it, but from what I've heard from friends who work North Sea, is that that place generally has their shit together, big companies, following all the rules, making sure people are safe and certified.
09-26-2013 09:07 PM
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