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Working in the Canadian oil sands: 6 figures in 6 months!
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RE: Working in the Canadian oil sands: 6 figures in 6 months!
(10-20-2013 01:06 PM)NeVerGymLess Wrote:  Can anyone do a report on living in Edmonton ? Kind of like the ones in the travel section . I'm currently a crane operator in vancouver , making $60,000 a year , living paycheck to paycheck . Been looking at truck driving jobs in Edmonton for $80,000 but want to know what its like living out there .

We have a crane operator on our site and he is making a shitload of money and was working exactly 0 minutes the last 2 days. Per week he is making 5k$ net into his bank account, he even showed me his payslip and i was carrying 100lb pipe for 267,5$ a day Wink
He is a well head boom truck operator.
It's his 4th year now, before he did 8 years coil tubing.

@ Temm
I'm a Well Tester for Schlumberger right now. I had my second field day today, before i had one week orientation.
If i were you i would go with a trade. I'm a foreigner so i can't.
Well Testing is actually not that bad except of rig in and rig out, luckily i haven't done it yet.
I was just carrying the pipes in the yard and they are fucking heavy, the heaviest ones we need to carry are up to about 270lb, so per person it's 135lb. I can't lift them and i need to carry the smaller ones only, approx. 100lb per person.
Beside this it's a nice job, yesterday i needed to go to the wellhead every 30 minutes to write down the pressures of casing and tubing, that's all. Today carrying pipe for about 30 minutes and then hammering it together, it's hard but ok. Then i helped the Pressure truck driver and some VAC Truck drivers because the Well was shut in. The last 3 hours again every 30 minutes to the Well Head to read the pressures.
Once Slickline finished it's job, there will be more work for us.
I'm not sure how long i will stick with it, i don't want to mess with my back.
I can't recommend pressure truck operator, when this truck works on full speed, you think it will explode the next second, it's shaking, steam and exhaust gases all over, 120db and the operator is standing in the middle of this nightmare.
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