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Working in the Canadian oil sands: 6 figures in 6 months!
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RE: Working in the Canadian oil sands: 6 figures in 6 months!
(11-01-2013 10:20 PM)Temm Wrote:  So I just worked my first field day for well testing--man this shit is LAME. I can understand why Scotian said he would never work in the oil patch, or something to that effect lol. I gotta get into a trade. I can't see myself doing this shit for too long and I have no desire to be a supervisor--those dudes just have too much responsibility that I don't want. Consultants constantly on your ass--the damn consultant at this location is annoying as HELL. And when you're wearing a green hardhat, you are a target lol.

I don't know if I am going to make it through this shit lol--sounds like we could be here for awhile. First couple of hours were cool. I was learning all this shit, and then the other services wanted us to do stuff for them and I'm like, man fuck this lol. Then, we were waiting on the other services to finish their work and time just seemed to DRAG. Then the night guys got in trouble so I couldn't leave until the supervisor was done chewing them out. The only positive so far is I'm in a nice ASS hotel instead of that damn hostel in Edmonton.

Yeah the Well Testing Supervisor has the most responsibility right behind the consultant, it really sucks. The supervisor knows a lot about all the other services, that's why you are always helping others out, because they don't have a clue about anything else.
As a green hat you are doing all the shit, but i don't care, i knew it will be like this. You are helping everybody out if you don't have anything to do, at least the time goes by fast then.
Currently i'm lucky because the sup and the stud hand (sup working as a hand because we are so short on people) are extremely cool and the day goes by fast joking around. When i get some assholes as co workers maybe it will be the time to quit who knows.
I understand you, i'm also not sure how long i will do it, but at least we got a foot into the industry
11-02-2013 06:24 AM
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