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Working in the Canadian oil sands: 6 figures in 6 months!
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RE: Working in the Canadian oil sands: 6 figures in 6 months!
(12-01-2013 02:54 PM)Dejan Wrote:  Hi everybody, finally after 20 days of waiting to be registered I got a chance to thank to ALL OF YOU (and you know who you are) for providing valuable information for all of as who are considering going to the Oil Sands.
Special THANX to Scotian (Brother, if our paths ever cross I'll pay for all you can eat and drink in one night. It is a promise. You deserve it)
Now my questions.
I have an Electrical Engineering Technician Diploma, acquired here in Ontario where I live. Also I have 12 years of experience working as an Industrial Electrician (Note: I'm not a licensed Journeyman Electrician, just a technician). My Q is: what are my chances of getting hired as an Electrical apprentice or an Instrumentation tech. apprentice, and how much those apprentices make?
Any info is appreciated.
P.S. SWEARBOX if you see this post please give some info about your apprenticeship since you are fresh in the instrumentation field

Hi there Dejan,

I can't speak as a seasoned oil sands veteran as I've only been here since the beginning of October but I'll tell you how things are where I'm at. With your credentials you shouldn't have much of an issue getting indentured and you could probably challenge the first two years and come in as a third year at the very least but that's just my thoughts - I'm sure there are other better qualified guys on here who might be able to add (or take away) from that.

The first yr apprentices are getting $26.55/hr where I'm at and it's roughly a $5 gap between each yr as you go up the scale. J Men are on $44 which is fairly low for Fort Mac. I know for a fact that if you apply to ClearStream to the Nexen Long Lake project you would probably get hired on, either as electrical or instruments as we still aren't fully crewed up as lots of people have already quit and gone elsewhere for various reasons, mostly involving pay.

Beware's unlikely you will learn much (at Long Lake) as the leccies only ever seem to do heat trace work (monitoring/removal & replacement) and the odd motor hook up here and there.

Us instrument guys have mainly been doing gas detector calibration with a couple of level transmitter replacements and I also got involved in removing a thermo well from the top of a vessel of some sort.

We have had a LOT of arse time so far since I joined but it's starting to pick up a bit. The guys who live in Fort Mac get $1000 a month (taxed) Northern Living Allowance and also we get a $10k signing on bonus after 3 months (to be paid back if you quit in the first yr, 50% back if you quit in yr 2 and 25% back if you quit in yr 3). The $1k a month doesn't go far in Fort Mac as most guys I know are stumping up $7-800 minimum a month for rent.

Dunno if the above covers what you are seeking to find out...if not then just ask away again and I'll see if I can answer your q. Good luck matey :-)

Swearbox (aka RCS)
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