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Working in the Canadian oil sands: 6 figures in 6 months!
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RE: Working in the Canadian oil sands: 6 figures in 6 months!
(12-02-2013 11:01 PM)RCS Wrote:  
(12-02-2013 10:55 PM)scotian Wrote:  
(12-02-2013 10:39 PM)RCS Wrote:  
(12-01-2013 03:52 PM)scotian Wrote:  
(12-01-2013 02:54 PM)Dejan Wrote:  Hi everybody, finally after 20 days of waiting to be registered I got a chance to thank to ALL OF YOU (and you know who you are) for providing valuable information for all of as who are considering going to the Oil Sands.
Special THANX to Scotian (Brother, if our paths ever cross I'll pay for all you can eat and drink in one night. It is a promise. You deserve it)
Now my questions.
I have an Electrical Engineering Technician Diploma, acquired here in Ontario where I live. Also I have 12 years of experience working as an Industrial Electrician (Note: I'm not a licensed Journeyman Electrician, just a technician). My Q is: what are my chances of getting hired as an Electrical apprentice or an Instrumentation tech. apprentice, and how much those apprentices make?
Any info is appreciated.
P.S. SWEARBOX if you see this post please give some info about your apprenticeship since you are fresh in the instrumentation field

I'd say with your experience and education, you should be able to find work in Alberta without too much hassle. First year apprentices generally make about $18-22, depending on the company if you get a union job. Callup some electrical companies and see what they have to say, I've listed plenty throughout the thread but off the top of my head I know of Tarpon Energy Services, Chemco and all the the big contractors such as PCL, Kiewit, FT Services, JV Driver, Ledcor, etc.

Things are slow right now, generally December until March is the slowest part of the year unless you get on with a company that's involved in drilling or oil field services but it sounds like you want to get on the refinery/oil sands type of gigs at the big refineries and upgraders.

(12-01-2013 03:16 PM)Kdog Wrote:  Swearbox was banhammered.

That sucks!

Hi the boot a couple of weeks ago after posting my thoughts on another thread...someone musta took me for a troll and reported me...I was gone the next day. I re-registered and I pm'd Roosh earlier tonight to ask for the ban to be overturned. I didn't come here to upset folks so any help getting reinstated (ie pm's to Roosh vouching for me) would be much appreciated, I need to re-read the tail end of the thread to get the gist of the conversation before I reply specifically about the apprenticeship thing. Hopefully I get reinstated....anyways, thanks for thinking of me

Swearbox (aka RCS)

Unfortunately RVF has a policy that once you're banned, you can't re-register as a new member, so you can expect to be re-banned under your new username, if the mods find out, hopefully they don't. You should send me a PM with your e-mail and maybe I can post updates from "Swearbox" for this thread since your experience in Fort McMurray is of interest to a lot of us. If you do get banned again, just sign in with another username and lay low, and stop making fun off guys in the anti-masturbation thread haha, that was damn funny Swearbox!

Apparently Rosstan was banned too, what they hell happened there? Can't say I miss the smiley faces though.

Ah that blows...I already pm'd Roosh so he knows my new name...anyway I see loads of users who are posting who have their names scratched out and the word 'banned' beneath their name...what gives with that?

Roosh probably has his hands full at the moment as its the 1st of the month and due to recent controversy on his Return of Kings site, they were expecting a lot of trolls to sign up and shit all over the forum. Probably a good idea not to write him again and hopefully the mods just over look your profile and let you stay. It looks like you were banned for antagonizing some guys on another thread, the anti-fap one, which I think is a bit ridiculous too but there's a lot of guys on this forum who get their panties all in a knot when other guys razz them up a bit. RVF definitely isn't the same as being in the smoke pit of an oil sands site, some people are thinned skinned around here and will report posts to the mods, which is likely what happened to Rosstan, who I don't think should have been banned.

I'll say this though, if you're on this thread and someone says something that hurts your feelings and you report it to the mods then don't come out to the oil sands punk because you'll get eaten alive!

Don’t sweat the petty things, pet the sweaty things.
12-02-2013 11:13 PM
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