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Working in the Canadian oil sands: 6 figures in 6 months!
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RE: Working in the Canadian oil sands: 6 figures in 6 months!
(01-19-2014 09:30 PM)scotian Wrote:  
(01-19-2014 01:07 AM)simdog87 Wrote:  Im an Aussie heading over to Calgary within the next few months on a Working Holiday Visa Banana I have some experience on a Mine site plus plenty of work on an industrial site. Now Im not even sure if getting involved in the oil sands is my calling haha, aiming elsewhere workwise to begin with. I want to to enjoy myself, hit the slopes. But like all plans they often turn to shit and If im overseas and need money then I know where I will be heading.

Just looking for updates on what exactly is going on or what will be happening in the near future ?

If I dont pounce will I miss my opportunity ?

How may Scots/Irish/Poms/Aussies etc etc go there with Romantic notion of this line of work. If Im handing in resumes I want to know what im up against ?

Should I choose Edmonton over Calgary maybe ?

I have read this whole thread in the past (great thread) but as things have changed how far back again should I go ?

Sounds like you want to have a good time in the mountains, so if I was you, I'd move to Banff or Lake Louise and get some random shit job washing dishes or whatever for $12/hour and smoke dope, snow board and chase all of the horny young women there doing the same thing (especially the French Canadians there, lots of them). Do that for 3-6 months, then move on to a city, either Calgary or Edmonton, I would recommend the former as its only 1.5 hours from that STD infested poosy paradise Banff, so in your free time you can hit the slopes and hit the harem of skanks you will have built up there.

Unless your super keen on making big money, I would stick with that plan, maybe even move around Canada to see the country, there's a lot of cool places to work some random shit job: Tofino, Whistler, Fernie (BC), Montreal/Quebec City, Maritimes, Nfld, etc. You won't make or save much money but you'll have a good time, likely get laid and see some of the most beautiful places that Canada has to offer. You won't get those experiences spending the majority of your time in a work camp sausage party.

But ya, if its money your after then Alberta, Saskatchewan and to a lesser extent, BC are definitely the places to be for resource work but besides having a fat bank account, you won't have a great experience if you spend weeks or months on end up in some remote shit hole in northern Alberta. Its busy enough in Alberta, not crazy as it has been before but companies are definitely hiring, as you can see by the amount of guys on here who are still getting hired. I'm not sure about the amount of guys from the UK, Oz, etc but they're definitely working in the oil patch, not in huge numbers but they're there.

Maybe its because I already did the big money, work like a retard thing for a few years but working my ass off and making huge money just isn't a really big opportunity for me any more and now I'm more into travel and having good experiences outside of work. Maybe you guys will experience this too eventually, maybe not, I just get depressed thinking about all of the guys I know who have basically wasted their 20s chasing money in industrial shit holes.

It's the little things like this that makes one question their chosen path and the sacrifices that may or may not be the best in the end.
01-19-2014 11:42 PM
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